Wednesday, June 10, 2009

$1 Trillion For Healthcare: What a Bargain...NOT!!! is reporting that the Dems are hell-bent on pushing through nationalized healthcare (formerly known as HillaryCare) before the year's end. Unless Armageddon occurs before that, we'll have the same system as Cuba. How nice.

The nationalizing of healthcare has been one of Barry's pet projects. Why not? He's already nationalized our banking system and part of our auto industry. And we all see how THAT is playing out.

According to the article, two bills are being drafted in both the House and Senate that would REQUIRE people to buy health insurance if they can afford it. Hardship cases (and who determines a hardship case?) would receive a waiver. Though not specified, there are penalties in both bills for non-compliance. Free choice? Not from this crowd.

Also in the legislation is a tax on employer-provided health benefits. That means that if your employer offers a health insurance plan, taxes are on the way. When your employer has a tough time paying the, I assume, exorbitant tax, cuts need to be made to keep the company afloat. Guess where those cuts will start? If you said "Employees", go to the head of the class. This measure is just one way to make absolutely sure that the only option left to the American people is government insurance.

The left is always citing "those uninsured people out there who have no access to healthcare". What a big, steaming crock of dung that is. Everyone has access to healthcare. Just ask any illegal immigrant still dripping wet from their stroll through the Rio Grande. If you walk into any emergency room, they CANNOT deny you treatment, thus EVERYONE has access to medical care. Is it going to cost? Yep. A lot of hospitals have non-profit trust funds that can be used to help cover the cost of those who can't afford insurance but don't qualify for Medicaid. If anything, you send what you can on a monthly basis.

There is one more argument to be made against socialized medicine: Natasha Richardson, the actress who died after a minor skiing accident. Let's say that she had had her accident in the U.S. instead of Canada. When she realized that she really did need medical care, she would've been given a 15-minute chopper ride to the nearest hospital instead of the 2-hour ambulance ride she got. The whole time she was bleeding into her brain. I know locally, our medical community has an unwritten rule of thumb: Head injury, regardless of patient status, normally gets the chopper ride. This is information that I've heard and not a direct quote to me.

Communism and Socialism have killed millions of people and given us the wonderful inner cities that no one wants to visit let alone live in. If they nationalize the healthcare system, the U.S. will become one big inner city.


Bungalow Bill said...

I can't believe Obama's arrogance despite telling us we are broke.

blackandgoldfan said...

The fun just never ends, does it?