Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harry Reid Gushes Over Sotomayor

Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate majority leader, has come out singing the praises of Sonia Sotomayor calling her "the total package". Of course, coming from Pinky this is no surprise. But "total package"???

Let's take a trip down Memory Lane to see what has the left in such a state of euphoria.

  • Being a minority, Sotomayor fits the template of forced diversity the left just LOVES. Hey guys!!! What happened to finding the most qualified person for the job regardless of race or gender? When you seek the best based on merit, diversity automatically follows.
  • She was able to make a blatantly racist remark and get away with it. Remember Don Imus's comment that got him fired? Or Trent Lott's comments to Strom Thurmond that put pressure on him to step down? I guess when you're a liberal, IT'S DIFFERENT.
  • The left is completely gaga over her because they will be one step closer to making sure that abortion and gun control are kept in place. Oh...and Affirmative Action will forever continue to divide people.
We can see that this nominee was chosen for all the wrong reasons. Are all nominees to the Supreme Court political? Yep. But when you take into account all this administration has done, does anyone truly believe that she was nominated for reasons other than to cement a Marxist/Socialist agenda? I have my doubts.

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