Monday, June 8, 2009

King Abdullah: Nominee for Mushhead of the Year

Last night, as I lie awake mindlessly channel surfing, I caught the Fox News ticker. The fruits of Barry's pandering to the Arabs are ripening fast.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (and may I add no friend of the U.S.) has called upon Der Fuehrer to quickly find a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict citing that the patience of the Arab states is wearing thin. Funny, I never heard King Chucklehead say that to Bush. It's just one more step towards the Arab dream of eradicating Israel. And they know they now have an ally in the White House.

Patience wearing thin? How about our patience wearing thin watching our president bow to your sorry a** in an attempt to show the world how peace-loving the Muslim world is? If you want peace so badly, King, why not decry the atrocities that occur in your country and in other Arab nations? Stoning women for being raped, honor killings, and, most recently, tolerating a ruling made by a Saudi court giving men permission to slap their wives around does not fit the template of wanting peace. Just try to make me wear a burka, Your Royal Hypocrite.

For our country to side with the barbarians in this matter is appalling. Israel is not the enemy, but our dear leader seems to think they are. I give props to Netanyahu for telling Barry to "Shove It" when called upon to cease building settlements in the West Bank. And Bibi knows you can't appease the Arab states. They will never accept peace as long as Israel exists.

The time has come for this country to choose a side in this conflict. Unfortunately, our leadership (or lack thereof) has already chosen.


Bungalow Bill said...

And Obama doesn't have the courage to stand up for human rights with his new friends with their collection of towels.

blackandgoldfan said...

He won't stand up, Bill, because he agrees with them.

The first time I see one of those nuts use a Terrible Towel as a headscarf, I'm having my Steeler tattoo removed.