Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make $70,000 + a Year Doing Nothing!!!

Waiting to Begin

Want to know the secret to making $70,000 or more a year for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? Get your teaching license and get hired by the New York City School District. This is like the Job Bank program the UAW already has in place. Union contracts have stipulations saying that a teacher must be kept on the dole while awaiting disciplinary actions, no matter what. Here's what's going on.

700 teachers within the NYC school system are currently receiving full salary and benefits for playing Scrabble, surfing the net, sleeping, or just staring at the wall; whatever they want to do. They have been accused of offenses from insubordination to sexual misconduct, and they sit in what are called the "rubber rooms" of the school district while they wait for disciplinary hearings. That can sometimes take years.

"You just basically sit there for eight hours," said Orlando Ramos, who spent seven months in a rubber room, officially known as a temporary reassignment center, in 2004-05. "I saw several near-fights. `This is my seat.' `I've been sitting here for six months.' That sort of thing."

Isn't this great?? While the economy is going belly up largely in part due to socialist experiments and policies, these teachers can get their graduate degrees, write novels, or plan vacations and get paid for it by the taxpayers. Did I mention that they still get the summers and weekends off? Yep. Gotta love that teachers' union!!!

I am not slamming the teachers. They have gone into a career that I know I couldn't do, and a lot of them work in real war zones. It's the union I'm slamming.

Let's take a hypothetical situation. A group of conservative bloggers, led by a blackandgoldfan and her trusty sidekicks, get together and decide they want Obama to back off from restriction of free speech. Said group goes to Dear Leader and says, "You give us what we want, or we're going to post your REAL birth certificate!" That group would be jailed for extortion, wouldn't they? Well, the unions of this country are no different. Give them what they want, and they'll go away. Tell them to screw off, and they'll get you and your little dog, too.

It's time that unions get a history lesson. Most notably, the history lesson of Dutch the Great and the Air Traffic Controllers.
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Bungalow Bill said...

Unfrickin' real!

blackandgoldfan said...

Nauseating, isn't it?