Sunday, June 21, 2009

The New Ruby Ridge

Federal Agent for Diplomatic Security: Chicago...

From comes this post. Must read for those of us who remember the governmental abuses that occurred in the 1990's at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas.

A Sign of the Times?

Larrey Anderson
Is this the new “justice” for America? A massive armed federal raid in Utah has resulted in two deaths, including the suicide of a popular small town doctor. Those arrested have been accused of stealing American Indian artifacts from federal land.

The Obama administration’s Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar flew to Salt Lake City to proudly announce the raid. But the arrests were conducted in a chilling manner. According to the LA Times:

Shortly after sunrise last week, a squad of flak-jacketed federal agents surrounded the remote home of Dr. James Redd, arrested his wife and then stopped the 60-year-old doctor as he returned from his morning rounds to arrest him as well….

Nearly 20 agents had surrounded a pair of mobile homes belonging to septuagenarian brothers and led them away in cuffs….

Local authorities called the raids overkill.

Then a day after his arrest, Dr. Redd killed himself….

Redd, the town's only physician, was known for traveling to treat patients at all hours. Huge lines formed outside the town mortuary for his wake.

The Times story says that the US attorney for Utah “noted that many of the defendants own guns, common in this part of the country but still a cause for caution.”

"Eighteen vehicles surrounded the Redd’s house,” San Juan County Supervisor Bruce Adams said in an interview. “Do we do that with child molesters? With murderers?” He added, “I haven’t seen a piece of pottery or an artifact that’s worth a human life.”

All of this for stealing shards of pottery. For those Americans who bitterly cling to their guns and Bibles … did you get the message?

Did Janet Reno sneak back into Washington when I wasn't looking?

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