Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obamarx: Hey Israel! Stop Building!

Well, Barry has done it again. He has further alienated the Israeli nation by calling for them to stop building settlements in the West Bank. Thank God Netanyahu basically said "Up Yours!". Does Obamarx really think this will bring peace? Is he trying to grease the palms of his Muslim brethren? Whatever his reasoning (or lack thereof), we can be certain the mainstream media won't tell us what it is.

Israel has always been one of our strongest allies, and I could never understand why they are so hated by so many people. It saddens me to see this administration turn their backs on Israel. The only request the Israeli people have made is to be able to live. And those who fault Israel: Shame on you. It's not the Jewish nation sending their kids into crowded Palestinian markets with the intent of killing as many as possible to get their virgins in the afterlife.

The "Palestinian state" (if I'm not mistaken about this) was lost during the Six Day War with Israel. Why should Israel be made to give it back? It makes no sense. If the Palestinians want their own state, let them go to A-jad and beg for a piece of Iran. What do you think A-jad would say? He'd tell them to go pound salt.

The Middle East will always be a place of turmoil as long as Israel is told they have to make concessions and kowtow to the radical Islamists who want to destroy Israel. If Israel was to meet all the demands of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern nations, there would still be no peace because the mere existence of a Jewish state is a thorn in the side of Muslim countries.

We, as a nation of great people and ideals (for the most part), need to back up the right of Israel to exist as a peaceful nation and to defend itself and its citizens. I guess Barry the Christian forgets that this was the birthplace of the one TRUE MESSIAH (not Kenya). Barry the Muslim, on the other hand, is going to help his fellow jihadists continue to wreak havoc in an area of the world where peace and love was born in a manger.

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