Monday, June 8, 2009

Snarlin' Arlen: The Dems' New B**ch

The picture says it all.

Being from Pennsylvania, it has been frustrating all these years to see Arlen Specter putting an "R" after his name and deserting all us "R"s out here. No one in this state was surprised when he announced earlier this year that he was leaving the party for the Democratic Party. In fact, most of us were ready to have a kegger.

Last Saturday, Specter made his debut to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, and the swooning began. Pam Janvey, a Democratic committeewoman from Bucks County, was quoted “Am I in a dream?” Yeah, honey. A real nightmare.

Arlen didn't pass up the opportunity to slam former Rep. Pat Toomey, even though Toomey's name was not mentioned. Pat Toomey lost his last Senate bid in the primary to Specter but has remained on the radar. Pat was most likely going to be Specter's main opponent in the primary, but, ever the slimeball, Specter bailed out and opted for the path of least resistance by switching parties. Arlen warned that his opponent for the Senate seat would be “far outside the mainstream, a senator who makes Rick Santorum look like a liberal.” Not so.

As much as the left likes to bash Rick Santorum, who lost his Senate seat to Bob Casey, I always admired Rick for his courage to stand his ground on his beliefs. My husband and I were fortunate enough to hear him speak at a dinner about five years ago, and even back then he was warning of the coming Islamic threat. He knew the issues. Another thing that I always remember about Santorum was seeing him on TV giving an interview on Ash Wednesday one year: with the ashes still on his head.

Arlen Sphincter, I mean Specter, was never a true Republican. Thank goodness he finally had the courage to be honest with the people of this state.

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