Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aren't You Glad You Can Afford Another Vacation?

w:Edgartown Harbor Light in w:Martha's Vineyard.Image via Wikipedia is saying that Democratic sources revealed that Barry, Michelle, and the girls will be vacationing in Martha's Vineyard this month. How frickin' wonderful!!

Is that sarcasm you hear? You're damned right it is. Most Americans are having to make cuts in their lives to pay for the ever-increasing tax burdens being imposed on us, yet the Obamas have no qualms about having those same Americans pay for their vacation. How many vacations does this family need in a year??? They just went to Paris a short time ago (on our dime), Barry's been golfing his cold, dark heart out, and who could forget "date night" in New York City (also on our dime) that cost us over a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS?

The country has too many issues right now that need to be addressed, and we need a leader who's going to take on these issues instead of trying to fill up a map of places they've visited. My family and I had planned on going on a weekend getaway, but circumstances now force us to consider our financial future instead of planning for a weekend of fun. There are plenty of other American families having to do the same thing. But at least the Obamas get to go enjoy a vacation! Elitist bastards!!!

Isn't this the same behavior by the ruling class that led to the French Revolution? That gives me an idea for a movie! "American Revolution: The Sequel". Like it??
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Spinsterpov said...

You're so right. Of course you are. I'm currently working on a book about a new American Revolution. Of course it's slow going, and if I don't get down to it my plot will be reality before the book is finished.

Bungalow Bill said...

Maybe he will drown. You have to look at these things with some optimism or you will get too depressed. I know my vacation plans have been scaled down. I was planning the great American road trip to see America the way it's supposed to be with a visit to Mount Rushmore. Thanks to taxes and gas prices rising over 70 cents in four weeks, I had to look at the reality of the gas situation. It has sense dropped a little, but if we had a responsible energy plan which allowed us to drill for our own oil instead of adding another tax to gasoline, more Americans could hit the road.

blackandgoldfan said...

Bill -- I hear ya, pal. And when Americans hit the road, they spend money, which in turn helps the economy.... Guess Reagan was just too damned smart for this crowd.

Spinster -- Good luck on the book. Hopefully, you'll be able to write about the next Republican Revolution next year.