Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Ben: Let's Not Jump to Conclusions

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We are fast approaching the third holiest season of the year behind Easter and Christmas: Steeler football season. As a lifelong, die-hard Steeler fan (the tattoo in my profile pic is real), I'd be remiss in putting my two cents in about the recent allegations in civil court that have been leveled against Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

An employee of Harrah's in Las Vegas has accused the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl of rape. The alleged incident occurred last year while Roethlisberger was attending a celebrity golf tournament in Sin City. While Big Ben vehemently denies the allegations and vows to fight, a couple of questions need to be asked.

If this woman was raped, why not file a police report and open a criminal investigation immediately? I know there are those who say that rape victims are too ashamed to admit that they were violated, but she had no problem telling other employees according to her affidavit.

Why file in civil instead of criminal court? One reason: money. In civil court, a unanimous jury verdict is not required, and punitive damages can reach the stratosphere. Big Ben was just signed after last season to a FAT (and may I add "phat") multi-year contract.

This incident reminds me of the rape allegations that were leveled against Mike Tyson at the pinnacle of his career. I've always believed and will always believe that he was railroaded. If a man asks you to go to his hotel room at 2 a.m., it's normally not to play checkers. A little common sense and forethought to not put yourself in that situation is in order.

That being said, I do NOT believe that rape victims "ask for it". Rape is a horrible crime that can scar a person for life. Those who commit these crimes are animals. In today's society, unfortunately, there are those who are always looking for fast money, and they will ruin the reputation of anyone who has the big bucks without any remorse. In my eyes, that is a form of rape.

We'll see in coming weeks just how this is going to play out. The LVPD has already said that they are not going to open an investigation. If he's truly guilty, he needs to have the book thrown at him.

Whether you love the Steelers or hate them, you have to admit that something about this just doesn't make sense.

Do you think she could be a Baltimore fan?

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Sue said...

Hey, as much as I "hate" Big Ben and the "Squealers" (I am a 56 year old woman and diehard Bengal fan. Even though I live in Indiana, the Bengals were here LONG before Baltimore gave us the Colts), I agree with you. I too believe this is a trumped up deal and I hope he comes out smelling like a rose IF he is innocent.

You might want to check out my other blog when I posted about this year's draft back in April. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS YEAR'S SEASON!!! See you September 27th!

blackandgoldfan said...

Sue: Thanks for reading! I hope the Bengals have a much better season than the last. All I know is that I LOVE football season (pro; not so much college)!!! I'll check out the link!

Anonymous said...

I certainly smell a rat in this one.

blackandgoldfan said...

Me too, Nickie. Just by watching his body language and listening to him at his press conference, he's mad as hell. I've never heard him talk like that before, so that says to me that he truly believes he's innocent and not just upset that he got caught IF something did happen in Vegas.

I gotta give him credit to be willing to fight to prove his innocence should that be the case. And if this is all just a ploy to make some money, that chickie ought to have to pay all legal fees.

Amusing Bunni said...

I wasn't up on all this. In Chicago, sports sux so much, and I'm for the CUBS, not sox, although now it HATE the sox even more since odumbo has glommed on to them to!

This story sounds fishy to me too. Like you said B & G, she should have called the police first. If she's making it up, she should be prosecuted. Lying bimbo's that make up that stuff make it worse for women who this really happens to.

You're Good...hee hee "If a man asks you to go to his hotel room at 2 a.m., it's normally not to play checkers." You got that right, even at two in the afternoon, or 8:00am

I'm glad you enjoyed my press conference play by play...I commented you back on there. It was torture. I don't know how I stood it, but if it gives my great pals a laugh (GOD knows we need them) Then the pain was worth it. Luv ya and take care, kiss the poochies & kiddies!

blackandgoldfan said...

My dear friend bunni: I would add that if it goes to court and she loses, she should have to pay HIS legal fees! Funny how this never came out before he signed the big contract.

I will kiss the kids and Zeus (the pit). Thanks for not asking me to kiss the husband. The way he's acting, I'm ready to throw a bottle of Midol at him.

Back @ ya on the luv!!!

Dr. Dave said...

If she was really raped, it would have been news when it happened. She's just after money...and I think she's a Brownies fan, not a Birdies fan, not that either are good enough to beat us.

Sue...I hope the Bengals have a much better season too, just not in our division.

BTW, blackandgoldfan, what are we saying up there this year, since we already have one for the other thumb? I vote we say: "One for the other middle finger."

blackandgoldfan said...

Dr. Dave: Haven't heard any new catch phrases yet, but I LOVE YOURS!!! They'll probably come up with something as lame as "Steely McBeam". God, how I hate that!

hurtin from the curtin said...

I think you guys will like this site.! I do thin we're going to win it again this year.

blackandgoldfan said...

Hi hurtin! Welcome to my humble site.

I'll check out the link. I think with the return of some players like Sepulveda, we really do stand a chance of winning #7. It'll be a fun ride regardless!

Hope to see you again!

hurtin from the curtin said...

Sorry blackandgoldfan - I must have typed the link in wrong. I meant to show you this:

My bad.

blackandgoldfan said...

hurtin: No problem. I'll check it out after my cherubs go to school.:-)