Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Gift to My Readers


I really didn't want to do this, but this is a one-time shot and will never occur here again. You have my word on this. Consider this my gift to my readers for being so loyal. Use this as a sounding board to speak your mind and release some frustration caused by all the shit we've been dealing with. Language will not be a factor.

I commented at Libertarian Republican on a post about how this administration wants to stop companies from moving their headquarters overseas to avoid oppressive taxation. Well, guess who else weighed in? My message that will follow will seem cryptic to some. It seems that "bint" thinks that I have no class because of my Steeler tattoo and that I'm just jealous of her because she is college educated. She also seems to think that I'm just trying to portray myself as a victim of her wise comments.

Here's the taxation comments:

Blogger blackandgoldfan said...

What do they see so wrong with letting EVERYONE keep more of their money? That means letting those who make millions to those making minimum wage keep more and decide where it's best spent!

July 22, 2009 6:06 AM

Blogger bint alshamsa said...


someone has to pay for all of the services that people don't want to give up. When individuals start creating and paying for the highways and roads that they use and buying their own personal police force and firefighter trucks, then they can claim that they don't need the government to collect so much in taxes. Given your ideas about higher education, I'm doubtful you make enough money to be able to afford to do that, so you're reliant on those tax dollars that you don't think the government should be taking from people.

July 24, 2009 3:24 AM


bint: I don't give a FLYING FUCK what your opinion of "class" is. How classy is it to personally attack someone commenting on an issue that affects every citizen of this country?

For the moment, I am FREE to decide whether or not I want to have every fucking square inch of my body tattooed. Tattoos are not for everyone, and I respect the opinions of those who don't like them. By the way...I also have an autism ribbon on my other arm to raise awareness because I have TWO autistic children. Are you going to make some snide, shitty remark about that one??? You want everyone to be soooo tolerant, but you have the tolerance level of Hamas.

Jealous of you? NO FUCKING WAY!!! I don't give a rat's ass whether you have a list of degrees behind your name that stretches from here to Kenya. Truly educated people can think for themselves and not just repeat the indoctrinated bullshit that universities dish out. Since when is getting a degree in multiculturalism considered education? THAT is social indoctrination.

My vicitm status is the same as every other American. We are vicitms of a group of people who think it's okay to reach into our paychecks and give it to those who have no desire but to sit on their fat Cheetos-eating video-game playing asses while expecting the rest of us to pay for all of their expenses.

For your information, my husband busts his ASS for sometimes 20 hours a day to bring home a paycheck equivalent to what your fucking wonderful college education costs. Close to six figures, bitch. I am no stranger to work. I worked from my teenage years until my kids were diagnosed autistic. Everything we have WE HAVE EARNED!!! For you to paint me as someone who does nothing but sit back and collect a monthly welfare check couldn't be further from the fucking TRUTH. Oops...did I say truth? You have no damned idea what that would be if it bit you in your ass.

Now, I am done with you. You will NOT be commenting here, and I will not engage in your petty personal bullshit on other sites. I AM classier than that! Maybe you could learn how to do the same in your multicultural classes.

Okay. Vent away!!!


Dr. Dave said...

I don't think paying for "services" like roads and police and fire departments is even the issue, so she's way friggin' off base. The issue, what's got us so hopping mad, is the continuation and blatant expansion of government programs using our money to fund things like California rat protection and the construction of turtle tunnels and aid to Hamas, and to create huge massive entitlement programs for more and more people so that sooner or later everyone bears the government yoke and can't go on living without government "beneficence."

LL said...

There are services that the government should provide and there are those it shouldn't. That's what this is about. If we get back to a CONSTITUTIONAL mode and get away from the Welfare State, we'd all be a lot happier.

Let the Feds deal with Federal problems and the States deal with State problems.

Amusing Bunni said...

Oh Dear, These fucking moonbats really need to get a better hobby than hanging out on our intelligent conservative sites and picking fights with women who are better looking, smarter, and more well bred than they are!

B & G Fan....please just drop kick that bitch to whatever sand dune she crawled out from under and send her to HELL with all the other dung beetles!

Just like the other nut who things she's the next Racist Supreme Court nut because she "has a law degree"....if they hate us so much why the f-ing hell do they subscribe to our sites and rag on us. This is why my policy of NO engagement with these worthless fucks is the Best policy for me! I will defend to the death, though, my friends that get attacked by them... Loosers all...they are SO jealous and want a platform because no-one but their insane deomtards read & follow them anyway! My Rant for the day (until my 'puter freezes again)! Squirrell salutes! Bunni

Andrew33 said...

I want to vent...but I already took a xanax. /so I will vent appropriately...It's such a lovely day. I am as calm as can be. Oh look, there is my neighbor in his front yard stabbing his wife. I think I will go to sleep now. I wonder if theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Andrew33 said...

I will say this, before I got hurt, I was putting in 60-65 hours a week starting a landscape company. No I wasn't in comfortable Chicago or Sanfransissyville, I was in the deep South, where the low is 90 every morning, it rains all the and is still 100 degrees time and you gotta work in it. King Abdul Hussein Obama wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes out there and compared to construction, that was easy work. And as far as a community organizer goes...have you seen the community he organized. It's organized nicely...the crack dealers are on one corner, the junkies are on another, and the hookers are all in the alleyway (which is where he dug up that sasquatch wife of his).

Amusing Bunni said...

Had to come and see all the great comments! I love a good rant! AD33! That last comment is PRICELESS! You got it right, that's all he could organize. Also, don't forget all the pot-luck-dinners at that wonderfully demure "Rev. Wright....aka "God Damn America"'s Church. 20 years of listening to that evil Racist, and now we know why he says horrible things. And the demotards love this guy? Sheese!

B&G I hope you had a nice puter behaved all day and I did alot of research for my new computer...I'm gonna go w/ AD's idea and get a Mac Mini very soon! Nite

blackandgoldfan said...

Bunni: Hope it works out well for ya! I had the Saturday from hell, but more on that another time. I'm exhausted! *playing "Taps" to my troops*

I hope this lived up to the "good rant" standard!

Andrew33 said...

had I known in advance that you were doing this I would have not taken xanax. However, I have a good rant from my blog that I posted a while back so I will give you that one.

Andrew33 said...

This is probably the most controversial post I have ever done. I do not want to offend people, but I see a simple fact that no one will dare say. There are many folks that may not like or agree with this but I have this tendency to say things rather bluntly. The point that I am getting to is this pResident we have, as well as most of the problems of this country are a result of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. With affirmative action, results don't matter. With affirmative action rules giving advantages that were once based on race are now extended to anyone with a lifestyle choice other than that of the perceived norm. For example, a graduating doctor that is the best at his field must be overlooked to fill racial quotas. As a result, medical care quality suffers. If I punch a homosexual in the mouth, it is a "hate crime." If that same person does the same to me, he is defending him or herself. Somehow no one is allowed to say this, but the pResident currently in Italy, was elected because of Affirmative Action. How many people were told that "If you don't vote for Obama, you are a racist." This attitude of "affirmative action" which in reality boils down to if you are not either a white liberal elite, or a racial, sexual, or some other "minority," You must step aside in life to make room for those more deserving than you. The desire from two generations ago to grant civil rights and equality, has mutated into a desire to take away the Constitutional rights of those who were the foundation of the "civil rights" movement. No, I am not talking about who you think. I am talking about the rest of Americans who believed that the Constitution was meant for everyone and wanted fairness for all. Those are the descendants of the people that fought a war against their own countrymen to end slavery and get no historical credit for it whatsoever. When have Jesse Jackson or Barack Hussein Obama or Reverend Wright stood up and said thank you to the WHITE PEOPLE that fought a war and stood up to the federal government to achieve freedom and fairness for people other than themselves. Now those same people want to take from us what many of our parents and great, great grandparents fought to give them. The idea of civil rights was that people shouldn't face discrimination because of the color of their skin. Affirmative Action means we(the rest of Americans) must face discrimination because of the color of our skin. The sad part of this insane notion is that ultimately, the rights of all but a few elite will ultimately be lost. We have now elected a President(or something) based on that notion. If you change Barack Hussein Obama to Barry Richardson and give him the Michael Jackson treatment of his skin, you get John Kerry. Did all 98% of the black vote that Obama got come from people worried about issues? Did it come from Obama's consistent clear plans on how he would direct the country? I doubt it. "Having a President with my skin color" was more important than issues. "The chance to vote for the first African President" was far more important than issues. Now, it even shows in the polls. When asked whether people agree with Obama's job performance, they get resounding no's. Those same people when asked do you approve of the pResident, say yes. Now I will come out and say it. Obama sucks and 3/4ths of Americans are afraid to say so because to do so would make them "Racist". Ultimately, the results of voting in a Nazi-Communist bastard is the ass kicking that America needs to receive in order see the ultimate results of "affirmative action" and put a stop to it. It has recently come to my understanding that the police may not be happy with the people who are now speaking out to take back their rights. If this has to be the NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT then so be it. I refuse to be intimidated for standing up for the restoration of my rights. This is just part one but posts that are too long lose attention so I will stop here for now, but rest assured that I will never stop fighting those stealing our Constitutional rights in the bogus name of fairness.