Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hypocrisy: Thy Name is Welfare

Yesterday, I was talking to a family member who had read my post and just happens to work at Wal-Mart. She was kind enough to pass along a few little details that I was unaware of.

In the state of Pennsylvania, we have a 6% sales tax on everything except food and clothing. Now, when I say food, I'm talking about your basic necessity items. If you want pop, you pay sales tax. That is, unless you get food stamps.

Yes, kids, you read that right. While the government has talked about taxing sugary and unhealthy food and drinks, that's only for the working schmucks. Those with food stamps are exempt from paying sales tax on pop in Pennsylvania. Guess who gets stuck paying that when there's a tax shortfall? Hint: it's not the welfare recipient with the flat-screen plasma TV and blu-ray disc player.

My family member also told me that I really should watch what I say about welfare recipients in front of the cashiers at Wal-Mart (yeah, right). Here in PA, if you are able-bodied and receiving welfare, you are required to work a certain amount of hours. Evidently, some cashiers at Wal-Mart still get welfare. In fact, I was told that one cashier at the store my relative works at is employed full-time, but still gets welfare to the tune of about $600 a month in food stamps. She also said that this cashier is known to throw parties A LOT. Guess who's picking up the food bill for those?

At what point do the honest, hard-working people of this country get a break??? The disdain for the welfare class has grown exponentially because of their entitlement mentality. People are sick and tired of paying for those who have no desire to work for what they want, and the politicians just keep promising more and more to those people for their votes.

I believe that if you are on welfare, you should not be allowed to vote. It's only common sense that they are going to vote for those who promise them more while not requiring anything in return. It's a basic conflict of interest.

Some groups say that the average food stamp recipient only gets approximately $1 per meal per day. BULLS**T!!! That statistic is what the rest of us are forced to make do with! And when they shoot their wad within the first week of getting a fresh supply, what do they do? They go to local food banks and get more free food!!! It really needs to stop.

One question for anyone on welfare who may be reading this (fat chance): What gives you the right to think you have a claim to my money? Get off your high horse, quit whining, and GET A JOB like so many Americans do every day. No jobs you say? There's the "hope and change" you wanted. Deal with it.
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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi B & GF:
First: Thanks for your comment about my review. I enjoyed your kind words. And, I'm happy you follow my blog!

That is an excellent Idea I've never thought of, wefare mooches should not be allowed to vote. But of course that will never happen. The Dems and Obummer would never get in office w/out the sleeze lazy bum block. One can dream though.

I don't have to worry about running into welfare bums working in chicago. They sit on their big, lazy asses and keep popping out spawn like roaches. And the liberals that DO have jobs, you'd never know they were actually getting paid to WORK. The stand around talking to their chums, or have their ears surgically attached to their cellphones, and give an attitude when you dare to interrupt them to ring up a sale!

blackandgoldfan said...

Bunni: You're quite welcome. I love the squirrel in fatigues!

Even though the welfare class will never lose their right to vote (sorry...PRIVILEGE), it would make perfect sense to keep them from skewing the balance of power.

I run into a lot of sponges here in PA only because the taxes have driven business out of the state (Thanks Rendell, you turd!).

And I feel for you on your final comment (interruption of liberals). I worked at McDonald's for something to do while the kids were in school, and I actually had a lady pull up to the d/t speaker. I greeted her, and she said "Just a minute." I could hear her talking away on her cell. After a few minutes, I asked again if I could take her order. She literally screamed "I SAID WAIT!!!" By then, my manager had heard this over the headset, and SHE got on the speaker. That chick got so pissed she squealed tires leaving and ended up hitting a car on her way out. I thought "That call was really worth it,huh?"

Spinsterpov said...

I have a sister who has made a career out of being a welfare recipient. The rest of the family is not sure what happened to her. But I've seen a lot of the mentality. I've seen some people who are working hard and need the foodstamps just as a supplement, and they use it right. The people who are using the system for what it was designed. And then I see the lazy people who just sit on their asses and pop out children.

My philosophy is that anybody on welfare should be on mandatory birth control for the duration of their time sucking the government tit. If you can't take care of yoursef, you have no business having children. And it just creates the next generation of welfarians.

blackandgoldfan said...

Spinster: You are right on target with the mandatory birth control. Unfortunately, they'd scream that their "choice" is being taken away and the frickin' ACLU would be bitching and moaning that they have the freedom to decide if and when they have children...

I agree that they should be able to decide if and when they have kids, but that doesn't mean I should have to pay for them.

I have no beef with those who use it temporarily when hard times hit. It's the ones who make a career out of sucking from the public teat that make them all look bad. And the career ones can usually be spotted a mile away.

Andrew33 said...

Unless we stand up and throw all these loons out and show them in a major way our anger, no matter who we elect, we will continue toward communism. Yes the Repubs may slow us down a tad but deep down, are they really any different?

blackandgoldfan said...

Joel: That's why I've decided to vote for the candidate who best represents my views no matter the party. Could you imagine the look on Barry's face if the entire Congress was voted out? I'd pay to see that.