Friday, July 24, 2009

The Matrix: The References Are About a Month Late

I'm reposting something I wrote about a month ago that seemed to not go too far, but in recent days, references to "The Matrix" have come out, so I thought I'd give this another try. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Matrix -- A Symbolic America?

poster for The Matrix

Ok. Before anyone starts calling for the men in white coats to come for me, I want to say two things: I'm NOT crazy, and I'm NOT a conspiracy nut. I just realized a few things after reading "Anthem".

I discussed this with my Limbaugh baby, and he said he needed scuba gear for as deep as I went with this.

I told him that this country could conceivably be similar to the make-believe world of The Matrix.

Liberals could play the role of the alien forces who just take what they need from humans and create a world they want humans to think is real. If you think about that, it kinda fits the liberal mentality. They tell us only what they feel we need to see and believe. And insofar as taking what they want from us: look at your pay stub.

The strong arm of government force could be Agent Smith personified. Ever patrolling and monitoring that no one gets out of line, Agent Smith makes sure that the lie of The Matrix is upheld at all costs. Think about all the tactics used by Barry and his thugs to insure that the American people don't know the truth: The Fairness Doctrine, calling tea party protesters "low-level terrorists", etc.

Then you have The Resistance (conservatives and libertarians). They are the ones constantly trying to expose the truth and reveal to people exactly what the world they live in is like. And, like many of us conservatives, we are always questioning whether the next Palin or Jindal could be The One; the person to defeat those in charge of The Matrix.

I know this sounds REALLY out of character for me, but I bet you won't watch the movie the same way ever again!


Andrew33 said...

Actually, after I saw the first Matrix, I knew that it is a perfect representation of what we are. The problem is we aren't doing a god job of being batteries anymore sos we are about to get the plug pulled on al;l of us at once and when that happens IT WILL SUCK! I experienced a touch of that after huricanes when we had no power, no way in or out of town and everything was demolished so I am a tad more prepared than most, but I tell you, hone your survival skills. learn to fish, hunt and grow food (meaning cleaning ad cooking). Don't expect that everything will be like this forever because I've seen how easily it can be taken away.

blackandgoldfan said...

Joel: Already have that taken care of, pal! Before hubby's grandma passed, I learned some things from her. She lived in these mountains without running water and electricity. We do hunt and fish, and we know how to do things as simple as making creek water drinkable. We've got a start to it. Pray we never reach that point. If we do, only those who didn't fall blindly into the message of Barry will make it.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi B & G: If you talk to Joel, he'll tell you I'm having such AWFUL problems w/ my old crap gateway pc and aol dial-up. I've been trying to get on pages & leave comments and then it freezes. Joel's been really helpful and suggested a Mac Mini, and I think I'll buy dsl now too, since it's $20 a month here a t & t.

So, if I don't comment or stuff, blogger isn't loading good. If I had your email, I'd write you on that....if you want to send it to me, send to joel & he'll pass it on...I told him if you ask, to give you mine. If you were on twitter we could Direct message it that way! problems suck....but we are WAY ahead of our time, esp. you...posting this one month ago, and I commented a while back!
Who was to know that oscummer would steal your bright idea about this! I think it's a vast conspiracy ;-) Have a lovely night and weekend. I want to try and comment more and see your guest post, but Kook's blog loads really really slow for me! Luv ya, Bunni

blackandgoldfan said...

Bunni: Hope it gets better!!! I don't know how to twitter. Probably should learn. Luv ya too!!!

Euripides said...

Good comparison with The Matrix. Any dystopian will project the abuses of our trend in government. Atlas Shrugged is frighteningly accurate. A Clockwork Orange, 1984, Animal Farm, all have some similarities to our modern, power hungry government. What's funny about the Matrix (in a sad way) is the choice Neo has to make about truth versus the dream world. I think most conservatives look at liberals as being trapped in that world of make believe.

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks Euripides! I've read all of the above except for Atlas Shrugged and A Clockwork Orange. Gonna have to put them on my reading list. And yes, liberals LIKE to keep themselves in that make-believe world.

Andrew33 said...

I'm serious about our weakness and needing to learn survival skills. You have no clue what it is like when you have no power, you can't drive anywhere, no phones, no police to call and 3 nuclear bombs detonated in the mid levels of the atmosphere would shut down our entire electronics system. The result would be similar to Pensacola after Ivan but on a national scale. You will not be able to go to the store and buy food. You won't have running water and cars won't work. All records of who you are and what you own will be gone as they are stored electronically and the higher technology gets, the more vulnerable to this sort of attack we become. After hurricane Ivan, I realized that we all live in that dream world and a time is coming when we will all be unplugged so you best get ready.