Saturday, August 22, 2009

Florida City to City Workers: HYGIENE!!!

Brooksville, Florida, has just issued a dress code for their city workers. Being required in the new dress code are such basics as deodorant and underwear. Why should this even be an issue? Has society broken down so far that simple issues such as hygiene have to be legislated on some level because no one cares anymore?

I lived for a couple of years in a town called Zephyrhills that lies between Tampa and Brooksville. The population in that area is made up of many diverse socio-economic classes. While there are subdivisions filled with those doing quite well, there are those small towns that are predominantly made up of migrant workers. I'm waiting to see if La Raza slams this new dress code in Brooksville as racist and intolerant.

Also included in the new dress code are bans on exposed underwear, clothing with foul language, sexually provocative clothing, and body piercings anywhere but on the ears. Sounds reasonable to me. If you want to look like a human pin cushion at work, get a job at Spencer's or Hot Topic. And the exposed underwear issue? It's about frickin' time someone make these people PULL THEIR PANTS UP!!! Noah has pushed the limits with me on exposing his underwear, and every time, I ask him, "What's your bellybutton for?" He knows that I mean to put his waistband of his shorts or pants there. Hell hath no fury like Mom being ignored, so he complies.

The only dissenting vote in the 4-1 city council decision came from Brooksville mayor Joe Bernadini. He says that the underwear ruling "takes away freedom of choice." NO IT DOESN'T, JOE!!! City workers have a choice: Follow the rules or find another job. You are a mushhead, Mr. Bernadini.

Cities who want to attract potential residents should realize that people don't want to see their tax dollars going to city workers who have no sense of basic societal decorum. What these workers do on their own time is one thing, but when you're on my dime, follow the rules!!!

Now if they all looked like this, I might think differently.


Steve: The Lightning Man said... know how I feel about the pants isue. Or were you not following my feed yet? You'll get a kick out of the pictures at the very least!

But seriously, you're spot on with this. My wife took out her eyebrow piercing and her nose piercing for work (and because she outgrew the novelty of them)and while I do have an earring in each ear, my job is such that no one complains.(Maybe no one wants to challenge the big, bearded, angry-looking bald man with the tattoos about his earrings? LOL...gawd, I make myself sound so mean!)

Wash. Be neat & presentable, especially if you work with the public. Pull up your frikkin pants because you look like an IDIOT. Trust me, kids, when people see you looking like a clown, it reflects on your NOT embarrass your folks that way.

The kids at Hot Topic slay me. I can almost get it for the kids under 21, but grown adults in their 30's who still need to rebel and look like a pincushion with blue hair need to be slapped.

blackandgoldfan said...

Steve, you big teddy bear!

I agree with you 100% on the pants issue. Good God, how I just want to yell at every kid with their pants around their butts!

I, personally, like Hot Topic (I guess I'll never grow up!) for some of their cool shirts like The Ramones and older AC/DC. And, yes...after a certain age, it does get a little ridiculous when a 40-something tries to look like a 20-something.

Mango's Madness said...

Sure as long as they are pretty boys it is okay to let their underwear show! So it is not just us guys with standards!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Sweetie:
Society has gotten so dumb, clueless and scummy that we actually have to tell people to TAKE A BATH and wear underwear! What a freaking joke. I'm sure the la raza illegals will start complaining.
And, those nut jobs who run around with their pants down to their thighs, showing their dirty drawers, what ghetto trash. Idiot's, I read somewhere that one was trying to run from the po po and tripped...hee hee.

I hate stinky people, and at least some wear drawers, they'd have their pants around their knees with NO drawers on at all if you let em!

Wouldn't mind seeing some clean, washed and legal guys walking around like the one in the pic, though!

Hey I just did another great movie review! You might want to rethink your guest post choice from me, just all the links too! You'll like.
Luv, Bunni....PS Happy cheerleading and Football nite.

blackandgoldfan said...

Mango: I feel that if God didn't want me to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful world He created, He wouldn't have given me eyes.

blackandgoldfan said...

I will do that, BOF. I plan on scheduling stuff tomorrow.

I agree with you. If Hugh Jackman walked around showing his undies or went commando, I'd be okay with that! :-D

Dr. Dave said...

The underpants thing just doesn't register with me. WTF?????

The lip ring thing (or as I like to say, "having shit in your face"), is one butt-ugly way to demonstrate how different you are.

blackandgoldfan said...

Dr. Dave: That's why I prefer tattoos. I only have to cover them. Never understood the whole lip/tongue/nipple/genital ring thing.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Depending on how the sleeve of my t-shirt lies, you either see none of my tats, or just the bottom of my celtic cross. That said, unless I'm wearing shorts, none of my 7 are really even visible. My celtic tribal on my left calf is the only obvious one.

Me? Teddy bear? Yeah, guilty as charged. I only look mean at work, and that's because I'm not happy to be there. I wear my contacts at work out of necessity but the glasses do doften the look.

Hot Topic is okay for shirts, but they mostly carry just these new bands. I lean towards old-skool new-wave bands anyways. And so few of these damned shirt vendors carry a decent XXL shirt now. It ain't easy for me to find a bigger-sized Depeche Mode shirt...