Sunday, August 2, 2009

For the G20 Summit

The G20 Summit is slated to be held in my beloved city, Pittsburgh, next month. People from all over the world will be here.

To do my part as an American, I'm helping the world community by giving everyone a head start on how to communicate in Pittsburgh. We truly have our own language here. The phrases you will read are God's-honest-truth the way a lot of us talk in da 'burgh, so experiment and see if you can copy the Pittsburgh accent as you read these. If you want to hear the accent or need translation, just go to

Yinz have a laugh while reading this!

"Oh Mi-laundry"Oh my gosh!. Oh mi- laundry, were those fireworks great (n'at)
"Tony's Gawt It!""Tony's Got It!" (an annoying local mattress/sleep store sell phrase). Yinz guys getcher best sleep on a Serta!? Tony's Gawt It!"
'JunnaAre you going to. Eh! Yinz 'junna gota Pants N' at? Pick Up some pop on the way home.
'Sup wif uWhat's up with you. (singular or plural). Not much, 'sup wif u.
A whole notherAnother. We have to wait a whole nother year for the Pens to win the cup.
Ahnno-datI know that. Used as a verbal exclamation point.. Dunno who won da Stillers game... Pens won, ahno-dat!"
Ain'daIsn't the. That ain'da way I see it.
AiryagoThere you go. Hey! Peeg, habaut a couple arns? Airyago.
All OverCovered with. Gimme a towel, I'm all over rain.
AllaAll the. Yinzer alla time jaggin' on me.
Anedoin'Ain't doing. Deez streets is fulla potholes and PENDAHT anedoin' nuttin' abaht it!
AnnaAnd the. Me anna boys went fir a bike ride.
Apost tuSupposed to. Me and da boys are apost tu go bar hoppin' tonight dahn on da sahside.
Back'airBack there. I'm never goin' back'air again. Or... "The rag needs worsht, so yinz worsh it, and when yinz er done, throw it back'air, by the arn bawdles."
BinceBeing as. Bince yinz are goin dahntahn, pick me up some Arn.
Bleh shueBless you. Bleh shue
Bo fussBoth of us. The bofuss went to the stiller game
BowchyinsBoth of you. Hey, bowchyins go'n dahn da SLACKS-N-NAT?
Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too!Wow what a great goal. Used by Penguins' announcer Mike Lang
Can a cornSomething easy. Comes from longtime Pirate broadcaster Bob Prince describing high fly balls.
ChawtWatch Out. When yinzer drivin up Erie, chawt for cops. Dayer riten tickets enat.
Cheese and CrackersWOW!. Cheese and Crackers, dat jag off almost hit my car over der!
ChoobinuptooWhat have you been up to.
Close in Proximidy ToNear. As paraphrased from a recent interview with Bill Cahr, the Stillers and the Brownies are rivals because Picksburgh is so 'close in proximidy to' Cleveland.
Cole-daht-dareCold out there. Joe Denardo says that if you're going outsidetoday, take a jacket because it's cole-daht-dare!
Come mereCome here.
CordadaQuarter to. Pronounced COR-da-da. "Meet yinz at cordada four under Kaufmann's clock!"
Cottan Canda HeerCotton Candy Here. Used by cotton candy vendors at Three Rivers Stadium
Cupple TreeTwo or three. So, yinz'll be dahn in Florida for a cupple tree days?
Da-Boat-a-yaThe both of you. Dis gift is for Da-Boat-a-ya. Or"Da-Boat-a-ya are nuts, for buyen dat 'Tickle Me Elm doll' for $500 bucks."
DabbyThat would be. Dabby cool if you'd pick me up a pahnda grahd rahnd at the Jineegle. (Jineegle=Giant Eagle, grocery store)
Dahn nairDown there. R-r-r yinz gowin' dahn nair?
DahnahahsDown to the house. I'm gowin' dahnahahs.
Daht'etDoubt it. Yinz go dahn to da souside? Daht'et.
DekkacardsDeck of cards. Why don't yinz guyz get aht the dekkacards so we can play a han 'er two.
DidyaDid you. Did see at?
Does Hornes tell Kaufmann's their business?None of your business. I aint telling yinz about it, Does Hornes tell Kaumann's their business? (Both dept. stores)
Don't cut no iceUnbelievable. A flimsy excuse. "Yer story don't cut no ice."
Don't go err wit me.Don't go there with me.. You don't wanna go err with me on this subject.
Dooder JobsDo their jobs. Heard frequently on TV news when they're doing "Man on the street" interviews.
DownaDown to the. Wanna go downa Gardens?
Drip dropinA light rain. We can go aht now, it's just drip dropin.
Elvis has left the buildingSaid by (announcer) Mike Lang when the Penguins win.
Fell out.Meaning that someone lost consciousness. Possibly, but not necessarily, from falling out of a tree.
Fer cryin in da sinkI don't believe this. Fer cryin in da sink, can't kordell throw to da right people er what?
Food Shoppin'Grocery shopping. Yinz goin' food shoppin'at da gint igl n'at?
FurillFor real. I'm furill is used to imply that something is true.
GazintaA mathematical term used in Division. 4 gazinta 12 three times.
GetouttatheroadGet out of the way. You're in my way and I'm going to run into you if you don't move!!
Gets da steppin'Hurry up. Gets da steppin', we're gonna be late!
Git atta 'er/Get ahtGet out of here. Exclaimed when someone is in disbelief.
Gitdahellaht!Get the hell out (of here). Means, "You're kidding!"
Go GhostDisappear. Ah'll lend ya da money 'cuz yer blood, but don't go ghost on me, y'hear?
Go by way of AltoonaTake the long way. How's come yunz so late? Didja go by way of Altoona?
Go turn on Bill BurnsTurn on Channel 2 news.
Goin' upGoing up to. I'm goin' up Liggioner
HaajaHow did you. Haaja like at Stillers game?
HaftaHave to. I hafta go to the baffroom!
Hah ya doone?How are you doing.
HainapposaShouldn't (ain't supposed to). Yinz hainapposa be aht, yinzer sick.
HainyIsn't he. Hainy goin to da Stiller game today?
Half in twoCut something in half. I cut the sammiches half in two for yinz.
HammyHand me. Hey Dawn, hammy da hammer!
HauscomeWhat is the reason. Hauscome yinz guys didn't wacha Stillers Sunday?
Hay Bir HereBeer Here. Yelled By the Bir venders at 3 Rivers stadium during foutball games. It gives me a hed ake.
Heat upsLeft overs. We are having heat up tonight for supper.
Hit the bricksLeave. Get lost. From the old cobblestoneroads in Pgh.
How's abahtHow about, with feeling. How's abaht goin aht?
How's comeWhy. How's come 'dat arn ain't on ice?
If your friends jumped off the Westinghouse Bridge, would you?Used by parents to convince their children not to follow the crowd. Child: But mum, evrybuddy's gettin' their tongue pierced! Mother: If your friends jumped off the Westinhaus Bridge, would 'ju?
In regards to...A wordy expression that attempts to make the speaker articulate.
In-a-baht-aIn about a. When ya be back? inabahta minute
InnaIn the. What's inna bag?
It's A Burgh ThingAnything that's unique to Pittsburgh. Like putting french fries in a ham sammitch!
IzeI was. Ize so tired when I got home from work that I missed the Stiller game
Ja WannaDo you want to. Ja wanna go withs me?
JanoDid you know. How jano that answer?
Jeet jetDid you eat yet.
Jeez-o-manExpletive. Jeez-o-man, your skirt is so short I can see Picksburg!
Jimminy Chrismas!Term used by old fogies when something goes wrong. Jimminy Chrismas. I lost my babushka!
JisabahtJust about. It's jisabaht time ta go.
Kennywood's OpenSaid to men only. Means your zipper on your pants is down. (Kennywood is an amusement park.)
KiCan I. Ki help yinz?
Kimm'awnCome on. A statement of surprise or disbelief. "Aw Kimm'awn, git aht!"
Laid AhtRefers to the tradition of viewing our deceased loved ones in funeral homes. Sorry to hear abaht your uncle. Where's he being laid aht? Also may be used to refer in the past tense to sunbathing.
LassniteLast night. Lassnite we went dahn STRATUS!
Lazyman's load To carry a large load of groceries in at once because you're too lazy to make two trips. . I could hardly git up the steps 'cause I was carrying a lazyman's load.
Like atLike that. I can't do it like at.
Like issLike this. Hold da ball like iss.
Living DaylightsReferring to a beating. He beat the living daylights out of him.
MallanarMiles per hour. That jagoff was drivin' fittee mallanar!
MandarMan did our. Last summer was hot, we runned the air every day, and mandar lectric bill go up.
McCaddum RoadAsphalt road. As referred to by older Pittsburghers.
MeechinsdahnairI will meet you down there. I actually said this to my best friend and he had NO clue as to what I was saying!
Mills on WillsMeals on Wheels. Mills on Wills don't never bring halupki, haluski, or kolachis.
Mize wellI might as well. Are yinz gonna eat this last sammitch? Mize well.
Mm-ahOdd phrase uttered by sportscaster Myron Cope. Mm-ah -- dis is Myrn Cope on sports
MolahtaI'm all out of. Jeez, molahta jumbo!
Momanem'sYour mother and her friends. Momanem's dahn at da gian igl shoppin'.
MorrenatMore than that. Yinz musta had at least twenty arns. Response: "Naaa man, morrenat!"
MummellMom will. Mummell do it.
MuppearI'm up here. Muppear from Picksburgh!
Needs sweptNeeds to be swept. Performed with a "sweeper", known in other parts of the country as a vacuum cleaner.
NothurnAnother one. I don't like thisson, why don't yinz bring me nothurn?
Nuh-uh!!I can't believe it. Nuh-uh, yinz didn't rilly meet Jaromir Jagr dahn Chauncy's!
NunyaNone of your. It is nunya business.
Oh call Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick!Another Mike Lange quote. Makes fun of the way we "crickers" say the word "creek."
Oh mah gershOh my gosh. Oh mah gersh, ers a sputzee up air.
One SnawallOnce in a while. I seen him one snawall
OnnatFor that. He give me the price onnat truck, but I said no way.
Open da lightTo turn on a lighting fixture in the room. Open da light -- I can't find my arn!
Or notHamlet's famous speech, had he been a Pittsburgher. (They don't use "to be" in the Burgh.)
Or whatever ennat, ya know?The proper ending to a statement. We went dahnna sahside and hadda couple Ahrns or whatever ennat ya know?
Out baccaBehind. She lives out bacca Eastvail.
Out the roadFar, in no specific direction.. "Where's he live?" "Way out the road somewhere."
OvaderrOver there. Take iss box and put it ovaderr.
Ow-NoI don't know. Ow No hah many Ahrns I kin drink in an ahr.
Partly Clah-dy an' MahldPartly Cloudy and Mild. As said by Pittsburgh's favoritemeteorologist, Joe DeNardo.
PutemenPut them in. Gimme a poke ta putemen.
S'munySome money. Hey mom can I have s'muny?
S'notIt is not. As in "No it's s'not."
S'upWhat's up.
SafternoonThis afternoon. Are you guys coming over the safternoon?
Same differenceSame thing or no difference.
SappeninWhat's happening. It is a substitute for, or a response to (s'up). Example: S'up? Sappenin? Dunno, Sappenin wichew?
Scratch my back with a hacksawSaid by (announcer) Mike Lang when the Penguins score a goal.
Sees Ya!Words for goodbye. After yinz leave da Eroler game you tell your friends Sees ya!
SgoLet's go.
Sgoinon?What's going on.
Sheeps legWipe your nose. Hey man, you gotta sheeps leg hanging from your nose.
ShilShe will. Ask mom for da car, shil let you borra it.
Shutda lightTurn off the light. Uhm tahrd, shutda light.
Sick'n tardSick and tired. Um sick'n tard uh d'way yinz guys talk.
SposdaSupposed to. We're sposda go dahntahn for da Stiller game.
Spread some chicken on the hill, WillSaid at the pirate games when Willie Stargell was up to bat. If he hit a home run people would get a free chicken dinner in his restaurant.
SquattnaLet's go out on the. Squattna porch 'n eat sum jumbo.
SqueetLet's go eat!.
Stan, Guy, love the showWhat most callers to Sportsbeat say before they ask a question.
StoofarIt's too far.
SumminaSomething to. Do yinz wanna get summina eat?
Takin' da Brahns to da Super Bowl.Defecating. "Hey, wucha doin' in dere!?" "I'm takin' da Brahns to da Super Bowl."
That's it, Fort PittThat's right or it's all over. This comes from an old advertising slogan for Fort Pitt beer.
The fact of the matter is...A wordy expression that attempts to make the speaker apppear knowledgable and articulate.
These unz or Those unzThese and Those.
Took a heart attackHad a heart attack.
TsgadahntahnLet's go downtown. Tsgadahntahn en clahnarahn! (clahnarahn=clown around)
UminaI am going to/I'm gonna. Umina break some fingers da next time I catch you with my woman.
Up Mike's in dahn Jake'sResponse to the question "Where ya goone". If you're headed no where in particular or it's none of the person's business (this may be unique to the Clairton/Jefferson area).
Up UnderWhere to find something you're looking for. Where are my shoes? Up under the bed.
Up airUp there. Opposite of down. "The incline goes up air."
UpaginAgainst. Where should I put da rake?... Lean it upagin da wall in da graaj.
Usetto beA phrase used when giving directions. Make a left where the ____ usetto be. This phrase is always followed by a "Yinz can't miss it" even though it is no longer there.
Wach a StillersThe traditional monday morning greeting asking whether or not you watched the Steelers win.
WachaticeWatch out for that ice. Wachatice, it's slippy there.
WaidonWait for. I waidon you fer an ahr.
Walleye erdWell I heard. Walleye erd yinz wuz goin dahn nere en pants en at.
Whaddyagittinat?What are you getting at.
What the cobbWhat happened. What the cobb went on in here yinz two?
What-rWhat are. What-r yens doin?
Whatchadoind'dayWhat are you doing today. You call up you friend and say "whatchadoind'day" normal response "I dunno."
WhonaWho in the. Whona world ate my tater chips?
WirWe are. Wir goin dahnna ragada.
Wir Uh FamilyWe Are Family. The Pittsburgh rally song by Sister Sledge
WutzernameWhat is her name. I jes seen wutzername dahntahn.
Ya Gatta Ragatta!Go to the Pittsburgh Ragatta.
Ya' gotstaYou have to.
Ya-hunhOh, but indeed it is!. Used only as a response. "Nuh-uh!" "Ya-hunh!"
YabbutYes, but. To qualify a statement. "Goin' dahntahn? Yabbut I ain't gonna stay late."
Yabyinat(Are) you buying that?. When you're with your friends at the store you may ask "Hey donnie, are yabyinat?"
YagottabekiddenYou have got to be kidding. Yagottabekidden, if you think I can learn to talk like you now!
YagottaseedissYou have to see this. Yagottaseediss web site! Checkitaht!
Yainga bleevisYou aren't going to believe this.
Yan-toYou want to. Yan-to watch dem stillers?
Yel'lowYeah, hello. Phrase used to answer the tawlfone.
Yer-in-yer-aht!You are in, and then, you are out.. Phrase made popular by Myron Cope in radio advertisement for convenience store.
YizzelYou will. Yizzle hafta waid onnat pizza; Dey just turned onny oven.
Yo Ho OnIn the 40's-50's, when you called your buddy, you wouldn't dare knock on the door. His mother would hit you with a broom. So, you stood out on the street and yelled, "Yo HO On Joey," until he came out or his mother chased you away.
You kids are driving me to DixmontYou're making me crazy.
Yoy, yoy, double yoy!Famous phrase by (Steeler sportscaster) Myron Cope.


Mango's Madness said...

I should send some Texas terms to ya'll so you would know what we are saying. My son is a coach with the Cowboys so I cant pull for the Steelers if they are playing us. Love your blog!

The Conservative Lady said...

I'm originally from South Philly. We tawk almost the same way. Jeet? No, jew?

blackandgoldfan said...

Mango: Thanks for stopping! My brother is a HUGE Cowboy fan. I told him I think Mom dropped him on his head. lol I'd love any input!

TCL: Hope all is well; long time no see. Isn't it amazing how certain pockets of the country have their own language? We use jeet jet also. I just thought it was kinda cool and it gave me a chance to use my pic of my beloved city.

Anonymous said...

Dis whole thing gives me da green weenie! (That's for Pirates Old-Timers)

blackandgoldfan said...

I remember that Nickie! Didn't Myron start that too?

Looks like the Buccos are gonna go for the Cubs' record of most years without a championship. At the very least, I think they're going for 17 yrs. straight without a winning season. At least training camp is soon! I'm about 25 min. from St. Vincent's, so training camp is a yearly ritual.

Teresa said...

That was awesome!! My hubby and I have lived in Pittsburgh for about 3 yrs and having definitely noticed most of those sayings. I am used to some slang language since I am originally from the eastern shore of MD.

cbullitt said...

You forgot "Saaside" for the South Side, where Station Square 'nat is at.

BTW--From the idiocy file: Tom Smith, a black preacher from the Hill District has invited protesters to camp out in a tent city next to his church for the summit.
What could possibly go wrong?

blackandgoldfan said...

Teresa: It's really cool how you can always find out who's from da 'burgh no matter where you go in the country. It definitely is a 'burgh thing!

cbullitt: I gaht my tattoo on the Saaside. I love that section of town!!!

What could go wrong? Hmmmmmm...... It's gonna be interesting if anything! Glad I'm in the burbs.

Dr. Dave said...

Git aht! Dat's a good refresher fer when I go up air in two weeks, n'at.

Tanks fer posting dat, blackandgoldfan.

blackandgoldfan said...

Dr. Dave: You were the first one I thought of when I came up with the idea. Thought you'd enjoy it!

When you come up, don't forget to go to Primanti's for a 'burgh sammich!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi B & G! That was fun and really informative. You know our chicawga accents are just as thick....I couldn't even BEGIN to translate. There are lots of colorful sayings too, such as "I don't want nobody nobody sent", etc.
Hope your weekend was grand!

blackandgoldfan said...

Hi Sweetie! The weekend...well it's over now. lol

There are soooo many more words and phrases that couldn't be listed. When I lived in Florida, I went to the grocery store and asked for chipped ham. The guy looked at me like I had just grown another head.

Hope mac is still being good to ya!!! :-D