Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For Yinz Comin' to da 'burgh for G20

Yesterday, the local stations here in Pittsburgh announced where Obamarx and posse would be visiting while in town for the G20 summit next month. Phipps Conservatory was first on the list. I've never been there. Just not my thing.

I did, in the past, post a list of things that are a must-do while in town. These are the things we Pittsburghers usually do many times during our lives.

  • Take in a Steeler game (if you can get tickets). This is an experience like no other. Steeler fans share a certain comraderie. I have high-fived and hugged many strangers after a TD.
  • Go to a concert by either one of two acts (both if possible): The Clarks or Donnie Iris and the Cruisers.
  • Go out on the observation deck on Mount Washington on a warm summer night. Breathtaking.
  • Ride the incline
  • Drive into the city on either the Parkway West, East, or North. The way the city skyline just appears from around the hillsides is still one of the things I look forward to when I travel into the heart of the city.
  • Take a ride on the Gateway Clipper river fleet.
  • Visit Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. Open all year except for Christmas.
  • Go to Primanti Bros. in the Strip District for a sammich with coleslaw and fries...ON THE SANDWICH. Wash it down with a yard of Iron City beer.
  • Park your car on Carson Street and walk. This section of the city has undergone a revitalization and is lined with clubs, cafes, and various stores. Should you decide to visit a tattoo parlor while on Carson Street, I recommend Southside Tattoo. I've had two there, and they are tops.
Enjoy your stay!!!


conservative generation said...

Primanti Bros...yuuummm.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi B & G! That sounds like fun. I never realized your city had such a beautiful skyline! I like the zoo and the aquarium here in Chicago too. The Lincoln Park zoo is Free (for now) who know what might be coming, with that crazy Mayor Daley trying to drum up more money.
Well, I guess you and I were the only ones who thought my previous post was a good idea. Anyway, I guess the commenters are right. Let's just neuter the bum....do you have any good pet dr.'s in PA that would do a neutering on a brain dead nit wit?

blackandgoldfan said...

C-Gen: Welcome back! It's definitely one of my favorite things to eat. I love the atmosphere. Nothing fancy.

Bunni: Hey girl! I've been to many cities, and I truly believe that Pittsburgh has one of the most breathtaking skylines. Maybe I'm biased, though.

Don't know any veterinarians willing to do that.I'd neuter Dear Leader for a Primanti's sandwich, though. :-D

Dr. Dave said...

DAMN...I've done them all. I must be a Piksburgher, yinz (albeit it sadly since transplanted)!

BTW...I've done Phipps ONLY because my wife's grandfather loved it, and my kid (at the time we had only 1) could get to run around and not get lost.

Coming up in about two weeks...Latrobe, here we come.

blackandgoldfan said...

Dr. Dave: I'll keep you posted on Latrobe. I know that training camp has already started.

Since yinz left tahn 'n at, haint been nuttin' but a buncha dem jagoffs runnin' da place.