Thursday, August 20, 2009

MSNBC: Oops!!!

American Thinker has an article today that shows just how blatantly dishonest MSNBC (Mainstream Snarky Nutjob Barack Channel) is in their coverage of law-abiding citizens exercising their rights under the Second Amendment at some town hall meetings. Watch this:

And here's the picture of that gun toting white racist:

Just a bit of FYI for the dope in the middle of the panel on the video. He mentioned "Squeaky" Fromme and Mark was JOHN Hinckley who tried to assassinate Reagan. Get your facts straight, you twerp!


Bungalow Bill said...

Sounds like they got Hinckley mixed up with Mark David Chapman.

Yup, I heard them say white men, but that guy is blacker than Obama. Listen how they build up the the assasination attempt. Unreal!

blackandgoldfan said...

That's what I thought too.

Hinckley would've been hailed a hero by the left had he succeeded, but Chapman is considered the devil incarnate because he killed a liberal.

You noticed their mistake on race also?

Amusing Bunni said...

Typical of these lying race bating bastards!
Thanks for exposing this.

blackandgoldfan said...

I've never seen the race card used as much as in the past 8 months, BOF. Typical leftist tactic. Find racism where there is none.

Anonymous said...

Everyone involved in that farce should be fired. Crazy news is one thing--fake news is beyond the pale.

There are plenty of raving moonbats who can go on air and replace the fools--and with PMSNBC's ratings it would make no difference.

blackandgoldfan said...

cbullitt: They won't be fired. In fact, they'll probably get the frickin' Congressional Medal of Honor for their bravery in attempting to save Obamacare.

Btw...check out my post about training camp! :-)

Malcolm said...

MSNBC really blew it by not revealing the race of the man carrying the rifle. This is the kind of reporting I'd expect from Fox. :-)

Had MSNBC done some research, they would have learned that the man in question wasn't just some guy who showed up at the rally... it was planned:

As it turns out, maybe there is a correlation between race and the people who show up at these events with weapons.

As for Touré's mistake in saying "Mark Hinckley", I'm gonna cut him some slack. After all, it's live TV and it was probably an honest mistake on his part.

Finally, I have to disagree with you regarding your comments about Hinckley and Chapman. I think it's wrong to say that the left would have called Hinckley a hero if he succeeded. Sure, there are some members of the left who might have... but please don't lump us all together. As for Chapman, I think the main reason that he is vilified is not because he killed a liberal, but because he killed John Lennon... a beloved musician who was part of the most famous rock band in the world.