Saturday, August 15, 2009

Murtha Being Challenged by Burns

I just found this out and am excited to announce that Tim Burns is challenging John "Our marines are murderers" Murtha for the 12th District Congressional seat in Pennsylvania. Holy crap, the good news just keeps coming!!!

As many of you know, I am ashamed to say that Murtha is my representative, and I've stated before that I will do what I can to see that he is ousted from office. That time has come. First step: Letting EVERYONE know that I plan on fully supporting Tim Burns.

The following is a statement from

How $10 Dollars and Two Minutes can Change the World

If you are like me, you are concerned about the direction our elected officials are taking this country. With a $1.8 trillion dollar deficit, the bailouts and now government interference in many of America’s industries such as the auto industry, banking industry, and insurance industry, you are probably asking yourself, when is the spending going to stop? Our current elected officials don’t seem to mind spending away our children’s future. They don’t seem to care what happens to America once they leave office, but instead only care about fooling their constituents so that they can get reelected. Well, enough is enough. It’s time to put an end to this nonsense. My name is Tim Burns and I have decided to run for Congress against John Murtha. As you know, John Murtha is responsible for more wasteful earmark spending than any other sitting Congressman. Some have called Murtha the most corrupt Congressman in Washington. I’m not a politician, I am a businessman. I’ve never secured pork-barrel spending and I don’t spend more than I have. And I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening to this great country. I am fighting to ensure our children inherit a strong America not a bankrupt one. But I need your help.

John Murtha can be defeated. He is in serious trouble and his lobbying firms and friends are being investigated by the FBI. This campaign to defeat John Murtha will cost over $2 million dollars. So, I need your help. But I’m not asking for much; just $10 dollars. If I could get all who read this to contribute just $10 dollars, we will easily reach our goal. But if you and others simply read this and move on, we don’t stand a chance. So, please take just two minutes and contribute $10 to this cause and together we can take back this country. Yes, I am concerned about this country and am willing to contribute $10.
If you can give $50, $100, $200, or more, please do. If not, that’s okay, just please don’t move on without contributing. John Murtha has damaged this entire country by taking your taxpayer money and wasting it in his district with pork barrel projects. Ask yourself, how do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be remembered as being part of a generation of Americans who stood by and watched the destruction of this once great nation? Or, do you want to be remembered as one of those who stood up to rescue this country from bankruptcy; securing freedom and liberty in America for future generations. Trust me, the $10 you contribute will be well worth your while. You will feel good knowing you have made a difference. I refuse to stand by and watch this great country be destroyed. I’m ready to contribute.

I will not only be contributing, but I will be asking Mr. Burns if I can work the polls for him or do anything else that my schedule will permit.

Murtha: YOU GOIN' DOWN!!!

[h/t to Teresa]


My Sarcastic Opinion said...

He would be challenged by Buns.

blackandgoldfan said...

MSO: It doesn't matter to me WHO challenges Murtha. The most important thing is getting that pork-grabbing, crony-favoring, disrepectful piece of garbage out of that seat. Murtha and his type are what's wrong in DC.
Thanks for reading!

conservative generation said...

But who'll use Murtha's airport without him? That's great news. I'll be donating!

conservative generation said...

Keep us posted on how the campaign goes :)

Teresa said...

Thanks for the hat tip. I am so glad that Burns is running against Murtha. Murtha the money grubbing pork barreling thief must GO. He is a disgrace to the Office. I wish that I was in his district so I could vote for him, but I am in Tim Murphy's district. But, I will do what I can to help him beat that no good Murtha.

blackandgoldfan said...

C-Gen: Maybe ACORN will switch to flying in protesters to use the airport. I'm glad you'll be contributing. I know the campaign could use it, and I will definitely be keeping yinz updated throughout the campaign!

Teresa: You are more than welcome for the h/t. If it hadn't been for visiting your site, I still wouldn't know about this. If I was a Democrat, I'd vote twice (once for both me and you) against Murtha!