Saturday, August 8, 2009

Schumer and Reid: OOPS!!! had this piece written by Matt Stoller on September 16, 2008. See if you can spot the differences between then and now.

Senator Chuck Schumer calls on McCain to release his medical records.

Senator Harry Reid calls on McCain to release his medical records.

John Aravosis noted that McCain didn't tell anyone he had cancer surgery during the Republican primary, but waited until after he won to admit he had surgery to remove cancerous cells. 1,954 doctors have already signed the open letter to McCain asking him to release his medical records (via KathyG). And I took video of Senator Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer calling on McCain to release his medical records. Here's the transcript:

Question: What do you think the relevance of John McCain's cancer is on this election?

Schumer: I don't know the relevance but I will say this. When you're running for President everything should be public including your full medical records. I believe in the right to privacy but when you're running for President which is such an important job the need of the public to know supercedes it. [Emphasis mine: bng]

I can't seem to upload Reid's video, the transcript is below. The video will be on our OpenLeft account on Youtube.

Question: What is the relevance of John McCain's cancer to this election?

Answer: When we're talking about the President of the United States, health issues are extremely important. We learned that going back a long time ago, when you guys weren't around, when Tom Eagleton because of his depression had had shock treatment. So this isn't something we just dreamed up, it's important, Eagleton had to drop out, and select a new Vice Presidential nominee. So I think there should be total transparency when a person is running for President of the United States. And it may be when President Bush went and had some things burned off of his head or John McCain a month ago had a little thing burned off his face. I think it's important. [Emphasis mine: bng]

[Blackandgold comment: Isn't it great when stuff like this can be used against them? :-D]


LL said...

I think what Harry Reid MEANT to say is that when a Republican is running for president, total transparency is vital.

If the question had been about the current Democratic president, his school records and other records and information about his past that may be embarrassing - his response would have been different.

So we're back to all pigs being equal but some being more equal than others.

Bungalow Bill said...

Harry Reid needs shock treatment. He makes the people around him depressed.

It's funny, they expect full disclosure unless it's Obama who they continue to protect.

blackandgoldfan said...

LL: It's the liberal mantra: "When it's us, that's different."

Clay: Harry Reid wouldn't know happy if it bit him the butt. Maybe I ought to send their offices their comments on full disclosure. Hmmmmm....

Dr. Dave said...

That's only transparency from Republicans, b and g. Zombiecrats get to do what they want.

blackandgoldfan said...

Dr. Dave: I think I'm going to send the link to this post to Pinky and Schmuckie. Of course, then I'll be reported... lol I forgot...Gibbs said they're not collecting info on people. Yeah...and I've got the body of a supermodel!