Monday, September 21, 2009

Connecting More Dots: SEIU

The other day, I posted a timeline, courtesy of World Net Daily, that showed the relationship between ACORN and the current occupant of the White House. It sparked my interest, so I decided to do some more research online. The corrupt dealings of this administration just keep coming and coming and coming...

Glenn Beck has done a stellar job of reporting the corruption by the organization who receives millions of OUR tax dollars every year. In fact, I feel that Beck should be sharing a Pulitzer Prize with the two undercover filmmakers who videotaped all the crap that has come to light in recent weeks.

Beck has recently called the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), headed by president Andy Stern, the sister organization of ACORN. If they are the sister organization, this is a relationship that is more incestuous than any from the hills of Appalachia.

Recently, the SEIU has made the news by using thug tactics at Tea Party protests across the country. Intimidation and physical force are their weapons of choice.

While we now know about the ties between the Oval Office and ACORN, what about the ties between ACORN and the SEIU?? Let's take a look.

The Union Label Blog has connected the dots. Keep in mind that while being associated with ACORN, the SEIU has the ear of BHO.

SEIU Locals 100 and 880 share the same address: 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans. Just up the street is the ACORN office at 1016 Elysian Fields Avenue. Wouldn't be that far to walk, eh?

The unions are to file disclosure statements regarding finances with the Department of Labor. According to Local 880's 2005 financial filings with the DOL, there's been some closed-door dealings going on. Loans and payments have been made to ACORN-run organizations.

  • A loan receivable from SEIU Local 100, which started the year at $11,500 and ended the year at only $500—a note shows the loan wasn’t repaid in cash, but rather “reduced to in-kind service”
  • “Gifts” totaling $151,694 to the L880 Political Action Committee, which is run out of ACORN’s Louisiana office
  • Local 880 received $36,425 as a “contractual fee” from the L880 Political Action Committee
  • Representational activities included $6,388 in non-itemized payments to the Chief Organizer Fund (Chief Organizer is Rathke’s title for most of his positions) at ACORN’s office and $66,870 in non-itemized payments to Citizens Consulting Inc., ACORN’s multi-use organization
  • $177,430 paid to Citizens Consulting for “Accounting and Administrative Support” and non-itemized transactions for “General Overhead”
  • $10,102 paid to Citizens Consulting for “Union Administration”
Local 100's financial filings reveal even more corruption.

  • $8,098 in overhead paid to Citizens Consulting
  • $9,523 paid to the “Peoples Equipment Resource Corp,” which is registered to Rathke at ACORN’s headquarters
  • $6,300 to the Elysian Fields Corporation
  • Accounts payable records show $73,984 to the Elysian Fields Corporation; $34,241 to Citizens Consulting; $13,795 to the Fifteenth Street Corporation; and $9,072to the 4415 San Jacinto Corporation—all of which are run out of ACORN’s New Orleans headquarters
  • Loans payable included its original $11,500 debt to Local 880 and $8,907 to the Association for the Rights of Citizens—a group run by Local 880 and ACORN.48 Loans to these two organizations were reflected as early as 2000, with as much as $47,000 of money from members in Local 880 being used to support its less-successful sibling.
ACORN appears to have been hired by the SEIU to assail Wal-Mart for not unionizing their employees because the SEIU headquarters sent two installments totaling $500,000 to the "Wal-Mart Organizing Project." The checks were sent to 1016 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans: ACORN's Big Easy Office.

Kevin Mooney at the Washington Examiner had more information that had been posted at The Other McCain. A 2007 LM-2 (financial disclosure form) shows SEIU Local 880, which is active in Illinois and Minnesota, donated $60,118 to ACORN for “membership services.” Organized labor has kicked it back in the form of gifts and grants to ACORN totaling $2.4 million, the LM-2’s reveal.

When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) decided to cut the pay of home health workers by two dollars an hour during the state's last budget crisis, saving $74 million. These workers are SEIU members. What was the union's reaction? They pressured the Obama administration to withhold $6.8 billion in stimulus funding in retaliation. In fact, SEIU representatives were invited by Obama to negotiations between federal and state government officials that were held via a conference call. Why is a union being asked to participate in negotiations between government officials when they hold no such position? A SEIU spokeswoman later defended the call as "an example of transparency." Yeah...right.

How does this tie to the White House other than the ACORN link? Obama appointed Craig Becker, the associate general counsel of Andy Stern's SEIU, to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Becker is radical on the issue of unions, and his opinions are very well known within the political circle.

Mr. Becker wants to implement his radical unionism on the American capitalist society. In a 1993 Minnesota Law Review article, written when he was a UCLA professor, he explained that traditional notions of democracy should not apply in union elections. He wrote that employers should be barred from attending NLRB hearings about elections, and from challenging election results even amid evidence of union misconduct. He believes elections should be removed from work sites and held on “neutral grounds,” or via mail ballots. Employers should also be barred from “placing observers at the polls to challenge ballots.”

More extraordinary, Mr. Becker advocated a new “body of campaign rules” that would severely limit the ability of employers to argue against unionization. He argued that any meeting a company holds that involves a “captive audience” ought to be grounds for overturning an election. If a company wants to distribute leaflets that oppose the union, for example, Mr. Becker said it must allow union access to its private property to do the same.

With all of this political favortism coming to the surface, how can Dear Leader distance himself from ACORN and SEIU when he is chin-deep in the muck?

Someone's getting thrown under the bus.


Bungalow Bill said...

It's too bad such organizations are polluting such a famous neighborhood made famous by Tennessee Williams. This is good info. I am not surprised. All part of Obama's goon network designed to spread corruption and take eye off of what Obama is acutally doing.

blackandgoldfan said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, BB. Nothing to see here!

I read that Obama supports an investigation of ACORN. I'll believe that when I start believing I actually have a chance of marrying Hugh Jackman. Obama won't jeopardize his relationship with this huge bunch of crooks.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post, you are hitting it hard! These facts need to be known, I'm putting this up in it's entirety at LCR with a link back.....
Nice work!

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks, LCR! Spread the word, my brotha!

Amusing Bunni said...

Great Post BOF! ACORN, SEIU and OBUMMER are like the 3 headed hydra. They all feed off each other. I just wish people would wake up faster!
You did a super job on this. Congrats.
These union thugs are horrible. ACORN is nuttier thana squirrell turd, obummer is just plain...well I won't defile poo by saying what he's full of.

blackandgoldfan said...

Very good comparison, girl!

The two pieces are going to be combined into one at Western Front America soon. I'm excited!!!

No need to defile poo. Obama isn't full of that, he's full of himself!