Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Libs Hate America

This is an excellent guest post from Sharky at LandShark 5150. Thanks to Sharky for allowing me to repost this!

The reason the American left despises this country with the level of hatred – and you libs know I’m telling the truth; you know you despise this land. You hate the fact that what little shreds of this Constitution that we have here that are still preventing mass marches toward socialism. You hate the fact that those shreds are left. Just admit. We’ll all get along better once all our opinions are truthful and out in the open here. This is why they hate us so much, speaking of our domestic enemies here.

This is why they hate this country so vehemently and oppose it so vociferously, with such great consistency. It’s because it exists as the last bastion of freedom and liberty around the world. That’s why.

And as long as we exist, well, then there’s hope for freedom. And as long as we exist, well, then there could be dark days ahead for those that sit around blogging in their pajamas, for those that sit around doing nothing for a living other than attending protests and burning American flags, for those that do nothing for a living other sitting there trying to concoct new and mo’ better ways for them to skim off of the hard work and labor of the rest of us, via their 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and what have you. And the list goes on and on and on. As long as we exist as the beacon of hope, as Bill Bennett calls it, “America, the last best hope.” Or as Ronald Reagan called it.

As long as we are here, well, then we are a threat to what they seek. And what they seek is your servitude, sir and madam. What they seek is you to be told how you will live your life, you to be told how you’ll recycle, you to be told how many kids you’ll have and when you’ll have them, you to be told what you’ll eat, you to be told what your kids will learn in school, you to be told what you will do with your children, whether or not you will discipline them as you see fit and according to your religious conviction.

As long as we have those little shreds of freedom and liberty left, they’ll never quit, until Atlas has shrugged as he did in Ayn Rand’s book. That’s why they hate us, and that’s why – give them credit. They are committed to the idea of destruction.

We should be equally committed to the idea of preventing that destruction and preserving, thus, the term “conservative,” and conserving what our fore-fathers bequeathed to us. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we oppose them. And you’re not going to make any headway with these people by treating them civilly. I fundamentally, categorically disagree with people that think that these people can be beaten in debates. All they have are talking points to debate. There’s no rational, philosophical or ideological point of view that they bring to the debating table. It’s all invective. It’s all innuendo.

You can’t beat these people like that. And that’s the challenge.

So, why let them get away with it? They don’t let you get away with it. They’re perfectly happy when you lose and when the U.S. loses, and when freedom and liberty lose and are confiscated from the people. It’s a good day for them when they are empowered to do this or that or the other.

As a matter of fact, I would be honored if you people, when you have time, to get back what was bequeathed to us, that which is our birth-right here.

Today’s Republicans are wrong, and I can talk myself blue in the face. It’s not going to change the outcome of this election. But, we can begin the process of getting the party back, and our movement back, on firm intellectual and ideological footing where it should be.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because I stumbled upon a couple of – – some things that I didn’t know. I had nary a clue. And I’m just so tickled to have learned this, and excited about it, I wanted to pass it on to you.

The only notes of what happened behind closed doors from May the 17th, or May the 11th, rather, to September the 17th, what became known as the Philadelphia Convention, which yielded The Constitution of the United States which we have today. The only notes that survive are the writings of James Madison in his personal diary. And people have always – people like me, I have always wondered why. Were they destroyed? What happened to them?

Well, now that I’ve done the research, I know why...
...On the first day, one of the delegates proposed that a secretary be appointed and that the secretary then go out and hire some transcriptionists to transcribe everything, to take minutes, to take notes, and enter them into the official record.

Well, there was a vote held on this. And as James Madison records, the vote yielded this:

Nomina contra decenta.

That is Latin for “without objection.” It failed without objection, unanimous.

And the reason given, the reason that they gave for not taking notes as they were drafting The Constitution was this, which is what I found funny, because they didn’t want – the delegates – didn’t want the proceedings recorded so that, if The Constitution didn’t work – and they didn’t even know it was called a constitution on that day; they just knew they were working on a new government – that if the new government didn’t, if it was tried and it failed, and failed miserably, that no one could go back and get the notes and say, “Well, you see it didn’t work because that jackass, he’s the one that proposed this stupid idea, and that’s why we all died.” So that there would no blame to be passed around.

I found that the more I learned the founding the more you see the sheer brilliance there and the foresight that we’ll never know who proposed this. We have some ideas on certain things. But I just thought that that was just one of the coolest things and the most illuminating things that I have learned in a long time.

And that’s why there are no notes, other than what James Madison surreptitiously transcribed in his personal diary, which, you know, has to be interpreted. I mean this is like deciphering hieroglyphics here. I’ve seen them. I can’t read them. There’s some guys at Yale have transcribed these things, the Avalon Project at Yale, have taken it on. You’d be surprised at Yale – it’s one of the great document and historical repositories, surprisingly.


Andrew33 said...

This is an excellent point. Earlier today I posted "wargaming" which was basically an invitation really oriented towards our closest friends to present ideas on what to do WHEN they shut us down, and this post points out perfectly why that will happen. We need ideas and a basic plan of how to disseminate info after Internet restrictions occur. I have ideas of my own, but I want our allies to think on this and make suggestions. They can be presented here or within other forums but this conversation needs to happen before we wake up one morning cut off from the net.

RightKlik said...

Libs also hate America because America highlights the superiority of meritocracy.

blackandgoldfan said...

Andrew: I've also been doing more thinking lately about what to do if things reach the point of chaos. I agree that it's something we all need to have a plan for.

blackandgoldfan said...

RK: Can't have people being rewarded on merit! That's unfair!

The libs can't handle the truth of reality. Success is to be rewarded, not the other way around. Getting a reward before producing anything solves nothing.

Andrew33 said...

Good, I will send you an e-mail shortly. LCR is taking on a partner. He is a young man, 22 years old and has been blogging for a year now. We have links at our blog, or you can go to LCR's.

blackandgoldfan said...

Andrew: I will this weekend. Having date night w/ hubby tonight. Kids are staying at grandma's. :-D

Left Coast Rebel said...

Man I love Landshark, this post is awesome, really. He has a way of saying things. Like Andrew says here, go to LCR and check out Wes M's site the Humble Libertarian. Support him if you can. Another Limbaugh baby!

blackandgoldfan said...

LCR: I did check out HL briefly in the midst of a busy weekend. It's so refreshing to see a generation of kids armed with common sense coming into their own.