Monday, October 19, 2009


Say it. "Freedom." The word itself has the power to move mountains and inspire greatness. Never before in the history of this great country has the danger of losing that power been more real than in today's world.

We have witnessed the gradual erosion of freedom, and the struggle will continue. Just as with the ebb and flow of the ocean, liberty has fluctuated in varying degrees. In the name of social justice, our God-given right to our personal sovereignty has slowly been encroached upon. Death by a thousand slices, if you will.

Freedom commands us to recognize the great responsibility that comes with such power. Not to be taken lightly, we are to protect it, nurture it, and bestow it upon the next generation. We must also instill the recognition of freedom's responsibility within our children. To not do so is negligent and reckless on our part. Freedom's power is too great to not teach the responsibility that goes with it.

Freedom is the one true trait that has separated the great from the enslaved. Free people thinking free thoughts and given the liberty to pursue those dreams have broken the physical and ideological chains that have oppressed people around the world. Millions have given their lives so that others may enjoy the fruits of their own labor. They were free to make that decision for themselves and not by government fiat.

Freedom does not give one license to deviate from civility. Only in a society where freedom is tempered with responsibility is there true peace. Freedom without responsibility is anarchy. Where there is no freedom, there is no peace. Peace is the result of freedom and civility. Forced peace without the freedom of the people is tyranny.

Liberty in and of itself is not a guarantee against war. It is because of war that freedom has survived strife and the imposition of government force upon the people. It must be protected at all costs. As easily as liberty is frittered away in the name of political correctness, it is equally as hard to retrieve it.

Evil is borne in the hearts of those who fear the power of a free population. That same population has sacrificed much over the generations in order that all people are released from the tyrannical whims of the power-hungry. Beware the person who dictates that it is our sacred duty to cede freedom for the good of the whole. This is the person who fears freedom the most and wishes that no one wields the awesome power of liberty.

Freedom. It is what we believe in. It is who we are. And it is sacred.

It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. Samuel Adams


Bungalow Bill said...

Part of the problem is the government has convinced people that security is more important that freedom; therefore, people fail to realize the responsibilities that come with freedom. That's why we have more and more people who want to be babysat by their government.

blackandgoldfan said...

BB: That's why we've got to keep spreading the true message of freedom. Until people start to realize that they've given away their freedoms in favor of security, we're all in danger of losing it.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Teach the apathetic your words of freedom and you've won.

blackandgoldfan said...

Odie: That's what we're fighting for. If even one lib reads this and thinks about what they believe, I'll consider it a good start.

Rational Nation USA said...

Great post, and comments.

The roads back to true freedom, both political and economic is through unfettered capitalism.

Something else lost long ago. The loss of other freedoms parrallel the shrinking and now almost defunct influence of capitalism.

Socialism has become the rallying cry today from most of our political leaders.

Check out the the link to Rational Nation USA. Subject, Rand, Capitalism, Freedom.

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks, Rational! I will definitely check out the link!

Amusing Bunni said...

This was a wonderful post, Denise. I am very sad our freedoms are being eroded more every day. Once they are gone, they are impossible to recover.

Well, cheer up, I found a great video for you.
The Title got me thinking.....


Sing it now! Freedom.

blackandgoldfan said...

I'll check it out later. It'll be my way of tuning out the world. lol

Thanks, sweetie!!!

Andrew33 said...

I have started referring to socialists, liberals, communists, or anything in that regard as the anti-liberty movement. Many people that are independent or republican but lean libertarian as pro-liberty. So those who feel otherwise are anti-liberty. Liberals can't stand putting the world into the realm of right/wrong or black and white. They use "right and left" because they can do so without defining what right and left really is. Bush 43 grew the government more than any president before him but he was a "far right" president. Hitler established total government control over Germany and he was "far right." Now Reagan was also "far right". So could somebody tell my what Reagan, Hitler and Bush had in common other than being elected? You can go the same way toward the so called left. It is all a big act so that the two parties can put up a show fight and take our liberties. There are a few repubs that are pro liberty but they are few. The one good thing about Obama's handlers wanting all the pie now is that it waking up the masses. The so called moderates are really thinking about what they want. Even dems are rethinking this path. It is only hardcore communists who worship chairman Mao that are happy now. Liberals want to put things into shades of grey, so there is no right or wrong. If that does not stop, we will not win this war and if this is not a war to you now, when the day comes that it is, it will be a sad one. Now things that get said here get much farther than you realize. I just learned that in a big way firsthand. Keep that in mind when you write and use your words wisely...and boldly. The other side is trying to paint us into corner as the lunatic fringe and extremists. They are the ones out to take our freedom and if nobody has the cohones to get that into peoples heads then there is no point in doing this. The other day I told a troll that when it comes to painting us into a corner the answer is NO MORE. Liberal is not a term that is associated with people being wrong. Neither is leftist. But calling someone a thief is. If someone steals your freedoms what are they if not a thief? We have been too nice for too long and it's not our tendency to do so but I believe it is time for a more aggressive tone. We protested peacefully and quietly on 9/12 and before. Those in power did not listen and now it's time to turn up the volume. I am not calling for violence or vulgar language but evil is evil, wrong is wrong. Those stealing our liberty are both and we all know it but don't say it. Why?