Thursday, December 10, 2009

Four Christmas Trolls

Leave it to a few young, mush-headed trolls to start screaming about my post yesterday displaying the sign outside of Casa D'Ice that says "Screw Atheists".

In the post, I showed the latest sign outside of the restaurant in North Versailles, Pennsylvania. The establishment is owned and operated by Bill Balsamico, a man known for his politically incorrect signs. Somewhat of a celebrity, Mr. Balsamico speaks his mind through his signs.

Troll #1 appeared out of nowhere to say that they thought it would be "hilarious" to change the word "Atheist" to "Jews" or "Blacks". I replied to said troll that they are banned from this site because I won't tolerate racial slurs.

In checking Troll #1's website (I know you're reading this; yes I did.), I found a post about how, despite being an atheist, they still celebrate Christmas. This, my friends, is hypocrisy. Troll #1 (and you know who you are), you CANNOT celebrate Christmas if you are truly an atheist. Your giving of gifts to friends and family is an acknowledgment that the Magi brought gifts to the Christ child, the basis of the gift-giving tradition. This story is told in the Bible, so you must recognize the religious meaning behind Christmas if you engage in gift-giving.

Troll #2 came running to the defense of Troll #1 saying that the comment about Jews and Blacks was just trying to prove the point that saying "Screw Atheists", as Mr. Balsamico did, is on a par with racial slurs. How anyone can equate someone practicing a godless religion by choice with the God-given color of one's skin still has my brain hurting. Yes, Jews do practice their faith by choice, but after what Jews endured over many generations, I say they're off limits.

Troll #2 ran a post at their site whining about how hard it is for atheists to get into religious colleges. If you're an atheist, you little troublemaker, why would you even want to attend a Christian college?

Troll #3 wanted a little clarification. The comment was this:

So slurs against blacks and jews are bad, but slurs against atheists are fine?

I told Troll #3 that Mr. Balsamico is exercising his rights under the First Amendment. Haven't heard from him since.

This morning, I find that the torch carried by Troll #3 must have been passed to yet another troll.

Troll #4 replied to my BOF's comment by basically saying that WE who may agree with Mr. Balsamico are haters. Troll #4 has blocked anyone from viewing their profile. If you're so proud to be an atheist, why hide it? I would think you'd want to share your views with whoever may want to take a look. If you want to promote understanding, what's the harm? We here on the right normally don't go over to other people's sites and just stir shit up. At least the bloggers I know don't unless someone such as yourself, Troll #4, comes to our site first. Don't rock the boat at someone else's site and then hide behind anonymity. That's being a coward. Have the balls to stand up and take any backlash that may arise from your rhetoric.

The whole issue these little libs have is that someone dared to stand up to them and say "Screw you!" Their widdle feewings must be hurt, so they're going to whine and whine about how they are the minority and how wrong it is to say such hurtful things. That's all it boils down to. They're young, 20-something Generation-Me members who have been raised in the religion of political correctness and that the only thing that matters is how they feel.

To you trolls and any others who want to say how "bigoted" we on the right are: Don't waste your time commenting. I will not give you a forum for your bitching, and I won't taint my site with your PC comments. The First Amendment is in full effect for now, and we will exercise our right to freedom of speech under such. If I see your name in comment moderation, rest assured that your comment will be immediately rejected. Go whine to someone who cares what you think.


Bungalow Bill said...

Did you know they have atheist Christmas cards with Darwin dressed as Santa? It's really the silliest thing, but they don't want to be left out. It's always what you can do for me when it comes to the left, and of Christmas is the perfect day to be given something for nothing for these types.

Teresa said...

B&G, Don't worry these trolls are too stupid to comprehend why the sign is great. Atheists don't believe in Jesus. So, screw atheists at Christmastime which is specifically recognized to celebrate Jesus' birth. How are atheists going to celebrate something that they don't believe in? Plus, atheists try to make sure that the rest of aren't able to celebrate Jesus' birth in public. So, screw atheists.

Ran said...

The lie in Atheists religion is twofold: Firstly, they believe - sans proof - that there is no G-d. Fine. That's their right - but yet the devout insist that their belief is not "religious faith."

I would be ready to accept the former if the second lie wasn't being stuck in our faces daily: That in order to not "offend" those of religious faiths, we must publicly defer to "neutrality" - formal expressions of Public Atheism - and they use the Sacrament of Separation of Church and State to impose atheism wherever they can... in the name of tolerance, you know...

Screw Atheists. By that I mean hold their false ideals to account and push back. I want Christian Prayer in schools - and that's from an Orthodox Jew.

Why? Because far from offense, my children are safer in their own beliefs and practice when their friends are safe in their own. We taught them to be respectful and supportive.

We are not threatened by the Christianity of our neighbors. Those atheist jackasses - they are the jihadis, the conquistadors. Screw 'em.

Dominique Wynand said...

Well, you know you've made it as a blogger when you get trolls...

Fredd said...

For what it's worth from your new follower, Fredd: arguing with trolls is like arguing with the Wolfman: you state a fact, and the troll answers 'howwwllllll!' Or, 'aaaaaooooooooooo! (my phoenetic imitation of a Wolfman howl). It only ends in frustration, not only on your part that you can't make them see reason, but on the troll's part too as you don't seem to want to go away and die.

Although I am new to this network, I have been through the wringer on another site whose name we shant speak of, but the vitriol there was much the same with trolls, maybe not as bad as I see on some of sites here. The difference is that at least you can moderate comments here, but could not on that other site (of whose name we shant speak, still).

Last analogy about arguing with liberals (trolling our conservative sites): it is much akin to taking a pointy stick and poking a barking dog through a picket fence: the dog aggressively barks at you for no good reason other than to bark. You think it reasonable to poke him with the stick to get him to shut up (or at least I think that's a reasonable move), but the result is that the dog just gets angrier and barks even louder. Of course, this initiates yet a stiffer jab from you with the stick, which then results in a rabid response from the dog, which results in a more vigorous jab, see my point (no pun intended).

Now I just delete the troll crap, and think no more about it. A very nice feature here indeed on Blogspot. But hey, that's just me.

I will not be offended in the least if you delete this comment as well, I just thought I would relay my experiences regarding my take on this post to you, as this conversation definitely struck a cord with me. Ta, ta...Fredd

blackandgoldfan said...

BB: Do they realize Santa isn't a secular thing? I mean, Santa arose from the story of SAINT Nicholas, who was far from secular.

I think a lot of them call themselves "atheists" because, for GOD only knows what reason, it's become chic. Kinda like how it used to be chic to call yourself bisexual in years past.

And our parents thought Pac Man was going to be the downfall of generations...

blackandgoldfan said...

Teresa: AMEN!!!

blackandgoldfan said...

Ran: Here's hoping you have a great Hannukah!!!

I'm with ya, pal. They cry separation (although there is no clause) but want THEIR religion (and atheism is) installed as the official national religion.

They can't have it both ways.

blackandgoldfan said...

Dominique: Thanks!

blackandgoldfan said...

Fredd: Why would I delete your words of wisdom? I'm glad you gave me your perspective. :-D

Left Coast Rebel said...

b&g - You are simply too gracious, I would have deleted their arses. In fact, I have a running unapproved list of troll hate at LCR, 22 in all that I want to make a post out of like you did here. All in favor say 'aye'!

blackandgoldfan said...

Troll #4 who had his comment rejected: While I understand the points you were trying to make in your comment, I reserve the right to reject comments as I see fit. Don't like it? Don't visit here. And for you to question my character for rejecting your comments and accuse me of misrepresenting your "friend" is just one more reason I refuse to give you a forum. I will not post your personal information as I am not one to stoop to that level.

It is the "Can't we all just get along?" BULLSHIT that has neutered many a society. Contrary to what you and your friends think, there is no "right" to not be offended. Reality is not always pretty.

You made a statement about a hypothetical situation where the sign said "Screw Christians". As one who believes in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, I may not like the message, but I will defend with my dying breath the right of someone to say it. As a Christian, I would pray for a change of heart by the author. Any true Christian would do the same.

I refuse to worship on the altar of PC. Another bit of advice: Life's tough. Wear a cup.

blackandgoldfan said...


James said...

Black and Gold Fan: I appreciate the response, and accept your right to reject my comment. Thank you.

Like you, I approve of and will defend free speech. It is that free speech that allows me Mr. Balsamico to say "Screw the atheists". It is free speech that allows me to respond with "Congratulations: you're a bigot."

I will take my leave of your blog. I hope this dialog demonstrates that trolling was never my intention.

Merry Christmas to all.

gmarp84 said...

1. The post on my site had absolutely nothing to do with atheists having a hard time getting into Christian colleges. I agree with you. Why would an atheist want to go to a Christian college? Did you actually read the post, or did you just want to misrepresent me? My post did touch on about how people going to a non-regionally accredited Christian college have a lot of difficulty getting professional certifications, transferring colleges, or going to secular grad school.

2. Atheist <> Liberal

3. You shouldn't pretend to have an argument with us but censor many of our replies (speaking for the other commenters here). It's bad manners.

4. I'm not trolling. I'm defending a friend from misrepresentation.

That's all. Continue on playing with your imaginary friend.

Ran said...

Got yer widdle troll covered right here...

[Er, by covered, think... sight alignment.]

blackandgoldfan said...

Ran: A true New Yorker, pal! lol