Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, The People You Meet In a Bar....A Guest Post From a Customer

Friday night, I was (as usual) working my butt off at the bar. Business was hopping, and we were doing everything humanly possible to keep up. Not an easy task for someone of my age. Not that I'm old or anything...

Before chaos became the night's standard, an older gentleman walked in. We informed him that he could seat himself anywhere and that one of us would be with him very soon.

Before heading for a barstool, this kindly soul and I struck up a short conversation. As it turns out, he is a brother freedom fighter and fellow patriot. We briefly talked about Scott Brown and other conservative points before duty called me away.

When I got a chance, I was able to go over and talk some more. We exchanged cards, and he was gracious enough to show me that he had the cell phone number of Dr. Orly Taitz, the attorney pushing for Obama to produce his official birth certificate. I gotta say I was impressed!

A few days later, I saw where the gentleman, whose name is Bill Steiner, had emailed me. He complimented me on my site, and I saw where he had sent me an essay he had written. It's a beautifully-written piece, so I thought I'd share it with you.

A Great Victory! But don’t Blink, America, Please Don’t Blink!

YES! The 2nd American Revolution has begun in earnest!!!

Those 1.5 million of us who were having Tea in Washington D.C. on 9/11/09 knew that without question.

Scott Brown or someone else would eventually win a resounding victory against a key figure representing the anti-American onslaught we are currently experiencing, as decent patriotic citizens predictably rise to defend their liberties, their families and themselves from obvious tyranny and certain future despotism, at the hands of those who now navigate our ship of fate.

To have such an opposition-crushing event occur in Massachusetts is certainly cause for immense joy and celebration, but we must not lose sight of where we are and what possibly lies closely ahead.

A simple look at both recent past history and the history of the world, not only permits us our momentary jubilation, but also fires bright flares signaling our underlying, long developing cultural/structural societal distortions and weaknesses. That look also warns of potential peril especially in the months ahead.

Given the ALL-IN nature of the commitments and positions of the opposition accompanied by their wholesale, reckless law breaking and multiple treasonous assaults on our Constitution; must we not look most closely at the exceptionally well-planned and well-executed strategy to radically change our way of life and the reasons for doing so. We must be particularly amazed by not only how obviously long it was in the making, but also how carefully and precisely it was done...and will be done, if not thwarted.

With Scott Brown’s victory, the questions shouting most loudly are, “Is this the beginning of the end? OR “Is the end of the beginning?”

Our destiny lies in the correct answer.

Can the opposition allow a legitimate 2010 election to become reality and with it a full, complete and utter disconfirmation of their philosophy, their worth, and the certain curtailment of their ability to continue their clever, pathological manipulation of facts, truth, the Constitution and the rest of us, which has been their blueprint?

In this context, we must look at two paradigms having radically different outcomes and requiring radically different thinking and action plans to successfully address them in order to allow our Republic to survive and prosper:

  • The “Politics as Usual” Model (PAUM)
  • The Marxist/Jihadi Model (MJM)

We must determine which model is valid for our present circumstance.

Considerations & Questions:

The “Politics as Usual” Model (PAUM) - Scott Brown wins. Many others like him win.

Conservatism sweeps the midterm elections and responsible, mature, and patriotic adults are returned to power.

These new conservatives will be forced to work diligently on crash overtime schedules to repair the enormous damages done to so many aspects of our economy, intelligence community, political system, international relations and the battle against the global Muslim terrorist onslaught; hoping the work can be completed in time to avert major catastrophes.

To do their work properly they will find is necessary to address an immense educational campaign to assure that sufficient numbers of our citizenry understand the American Way.

They will have an imperative to tell many suppressed/forgotten truths repeatedly, widely and often in order to dispel the numbers of consequential and deliberate lies long promoted by the opposition, which have gone largely unchallenged. For they know that a misinformed electorate cannot make accurate decisions. They will know, also, that the survival of our Republic rests in our children and grandchildren who must be presented a correct American history with all its implications so that our future may be secured. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and historical role and utility of the Ten Commandments and their attendant heroes must be resurrected and honored as standards for social behaviors.

They address many major tasks...

  • To return to Constitutional law and order.
  • To identify crimes and try criminals, so that transgressions are fully exposed and addressed.
  • To assure national security and public safety.
  • To assure our military full support, best equipment and loyal, trustworthy American leadership.
  • To assure captured enemy combatants are properly detained, humanely interrogated and tried by military authority.
  • To regain a reasonably strong and defendable international position.
  • To return to normal political and economic cycles.
  • To achieve energy independence
  • To assure each individual citizen maximum freedom to pursue his dreams and goals and a means to protect themselves and their families.

They look to a process of encouraging the third world to join with us in the realizing the benefits of free enterprise capitalism and all that it brings with its voluntarily lower birth rates, more individual sophistication and better decision-making through education.

They press the world to realize that free enterprise capitalism based democratic republics rarely make initial aggressive attacks other free enterprise capitalism based democratic republics because they both know they have far too much to lose in doing so.

PAUM assumes that the opposition are Americans and that they have the best interests and outcomes of our Republic in mind, while disagreeing about how to achieve their ends and what the Republic will resemble after their work is finished. In PAUM, different emphases are stressed as the pendulum shifts back and forth. In PAUM, extra Constitutional excursions are corrected by the well-maintained balance of power between the Three Branches of Government as we stumble on.


If, on the other hand, we find ourselves in The Marxist/Jihadi Model (MJM); we are in very deep trouble, primarily because we accustomed to PAUM and tend to stay there. The MJM alternative is far too politically incorrect and far too painful for consideration even by many fellow conservatives in the media.

Did we begin heading for MJM with Woodrow Wilson?

Did the proponents of MJM show themselves to Senator Joe McCarthy and then more vigorously in the 1960’s?

Has the true nature of MJM fully manifest itself in the last 367 days?

If we stay in PAUM, while MJM is actually in service; what might be our destiny?

We will know soon which model applies.

We will know by the types and levels of trump which are played and by the positions taken by the opposition.

We will know by the by the nature and intensity of transpiring events.

Do we navigate successfully through the forth coming gestation period anticipating our hopeful rebirth in November 2010?


Do we find ourselves...

In burgeoning economic chaos, our dollar worthless, our free enterprise system hopelessly compromised?

Experiencing more terror attacks cleverly conceived and ignominiously ignored or excused?

Graciously affording our dedicated terrorist enemies the rights and protections reserved only to American citizens?

On the road to national healthcare we do not want or need?

Bailing out every supplicating political ally?

Victims of an international global warming conspiracy, now fully exposed as a hoax for personal and political gain.

Criminally taxed into oblivion because we breathe and successfully and efficiently produce goods and services?

Ruled in part by the hands of a Czarist oligarchy of questionable repute, loyalty and authority?

Bearing the burden three more years of an administration of questionable legitimacy and birthright?

Knowing crippling civil disorder and attendant misery as malevolent forces act in concert in our days of weakness.

Discovering our Republic, a shattered egg, non-repairable and lost forever and with it the free world?

Can the opposition afford, allow or even imagine legitimate 2010 elections?

We will have many of these answers in just about nine months. Hopefully, mother and baby will do well.

A Great Victory! But, Don’t Blink, America, Please Don’t Blink!

God Bless America!

bigg bill 1/21/2010

Amen, Bill!!!


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Kick ass --APB

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Taking names later, KOOK!

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Wow, this is wonderful! What a great Patriot. How lucky of him and you to meet! Buy him a drink from me ;-)

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