Thursday, January 7, 2010

Words of Wisdom from Bungalow Bill

Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom ran a post yesterday concerning the security measures since the attempted bombing of an airliner on Christmas Eve. Well worth the read and definitely worth the repost!

Checkpoint Verbiage and Oppressive Big Government Conditioning

Clint Eastwood made a movie during the Cold War which he sneaks into the Soviet Union to steal a top secret and superior aircraft known as Firefox. I know the plot was a little out there considering the Soviets couldn’t even keep their tanks running, but there is a point to this. Throughout the movie, we see our protagonist, Mitchell Gant, break through the tough KGB security through a number of checkpoints, and his character must show he is conditioned to the government questioning at the checkpoints without breaking. It was common in the Soviet Union to be interrogated and questioned at numerous checkpoints throughout major Soviet cities, especially around key communist and military installations.

In recent years, I have noticed our government is conditioning Americans to similar questioning. You just have to go to the airport to see how common this really is. Even before the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began harassing Americans at airport checkpoints, we were being conditioned to answer the three security questions as we checked into the airport.

The government was smart in conditioning Americans to getting use to and answering questions of authority. They left it to the airline employees to ask the three basic security questions.

Did you accept anything from anyone before boarding your flight?

You mean like a hug or kiss?

Did you pack your bags yourself?

No my wife packed my bags, and my mistress through in a special treat to make me think of her while I was gone.

Did your bags ever leave your sight or supervision before they were checked in?

Yes, some guy named Mohammed Abdul Jihadist told me he would watch my bags as I took a crap in the hotel lobby’s restroom this morning.

You quickly find out the airport doesn’t like jokes. They don’t like jokes because this has been part of the conditioning process. Our government, through these numerous checkpoints have begun conditioning people and soon in the United States, because our government doesn’t want to offend groups of people more likely to bomb airplanes, scenes from Firefox will be the norm in the United States.

They are conditioning people into believing it’s okay for the government to take pictures of our naked bodies, and I don’t believe all these TSA airport scares are coincidental. They are just too silly. If you have ever worked for the government, especially in the military, you know how strict the government is about securing your post and having the paperwork to back it up. Are you telling me there weren’t tools in place to remind a TSA agent at Newark Airport to reboot a federal camera that captures important security data for the nation’s security. What if that camera wasn’t supposed to be rebooted and the government was behind the man entering the exit checkpoint at Newark, all to get people to believe there needs to be increase security at the airports. Think about it.

Fear is the easiest way to condition and control people, and suddenly some Americans are okay with the idea of the government exposing and capturing their private parts to an image using high radiation x-ray machines. Fear controls the masses, and it’s been fear that keeps people from being smart asses as they check into their flights and answer the three silly questions. The three silly questions have slowly conditioned Americans for further security at airports. What if this was all part of a bigger plan? Are you really ready to discount the idea of a bigger plan?


Bungalow Bill said...

Thanks for the kudos!

blackandgoldfan said...

Anytime, BB! You deserve them!

Amusing Bunni said...

Great post, Denise Bill has the right idea.
This is a plot to get people used to their liberty, and clothes being stripped.
I do not listen to idle command by so called "authority figures". They try and get you to do the stupidest things, and if you do, your rights are forever gone!

PS I love the new look, it's much cleaner, yet still cheerful. I hope you have a lovely friday.

Amusing Bunni said...

Plus, silly me, I neglected to mention!
I'm THRILLED AND VERY HONORED that you have my humble blog right at the top in your fantastic links!
That is most kind of you and really made my night.
It's been a horrific week again and esp. after today, I couldn't sleep and signed on for a bit, and I see this lovely tribute, and I'm in such WONDERFUL Company!

Thank you Denise, sweetie, you are such a blessing and you have done my heart glad! Luv ya, Bunni

blackandgoldfan said...

Bunni: Thanks, hon. I don't know how lovely today is going to be (it's 1:30 a.m. here) because we're getting another 6-8 inches of global warming. I'm soooo ready for summer!

I'M the one in great company! I've never been so humbled as to be in the company of great bloggers out here. Blessed, I am.

(((((hugs for bunni)))))