Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please Pray for Jennifer

Monday morning, I was talking to my mother. Working weekends at the bar, I don't really get to see much news since I've been putting in close to 40 hours in 3 days. The story she told me made me sick and worried about the world we live in.

Jennifer Daugherty (photo) was 30 years old. Mentally challenged, she was independent enough to regularly take a bus from her home in a town near my home to go to appointments and shop. Last weekend, the trusting Jennifer found her way to a home in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The six scumbags there spent the next 36 hours beating Jennifer with a towel rack and crutch, making her drink urine, bleach, and detergent, and finally stabbing her to death. Her body was then put in a garbage can and left in the parking lot of a local school.

The six suspects are: Robert Loren Masters Jr., 36; Ricky V. Smyrnes, 23; and Melvin Knight, 20, all of 428 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg; Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, Mt. Pleasant Township; Amber C. Meidinger, 20, of 103 Indiana Drive, Building O, Greensburg; and Angela Marinucci, 17, of Greensburg.

The story hit home for me because having two high-functioning special needs kids, I worry for their safety when I'm gone. Knowing I'm not going to live forever, I've tried to foster independence in them as any parent would, but this story makes me very afraid. What has happened to humanity when those who need the most compassion are fodder for someone's sick games?

The local media here has already tried garnering compassion for one of these sick freaks. Apparently, Amber Meidinger's mother had tried to sell her for $10,000 when Amber was six years old. What the hell does that have to do with poor Amber's involvement with this crime? The bleeding hearts would say that because she spent so much time in foster care that it emotionally scarred her. Boo freakin' hoo for Amber. She's still a scumbag.

As parents, we try to nurture our children to survive in this tough world. Parents with children who have limited understanding have it even tougher. Bastards like these six make me wonder if there is anything at all we parents can do to fully prepare our kids.

Today's society seems to have devalued human life to the point of almost no return. Distortion of abortion by the feminist movement coupled with light sentencing for heinous acts in the name of "understanding" has produced a generation of people who have no regard for life. To this generation, life has no value.

Also at issue is the fact that society no longer puts a stigma on the word "retarded." Used freely by many people and those in high offices (I'm talking to you, Mr. Emanuel!), I've always found the word offensive when used as an insult. Those who struggle with mental handicaps didn't ask for the added challenge of trying to fit into society and be accepted by us "normal" people. The lack of a stigma using the "r" word in a derogatory manner has taken away the compassion and understanding that the mentally challenged need.

I think innocent life should be held in the highest regard. I use the qualifier "innocent" because I believe in the death penalty. And if any people deserve it, it's these people. I think, though, that lethal injection would be too easy for them. Bring back Ol' Sparky or, better yet, make them relive what they did to Jennifer through her eyes. THAT would be justice well served.

As of last night, the report is that this will be prosecuted as a hate crime. Thank God some common sense has temporarily taken hold in the DOJ.

I ask that you please say a prayer for Jennifer, one of the newest members of God's legion of angels. She is happy, loved, and safe. Though missed by this world, we will meet her one day in Heaven. I truly believe that.

To join the Facebook group for Jennifer, please click here. Thank you! -- B & G


bluepitbull said...

Sick. Disgusting. That anyone could not only take advantage of a person with lesser mental faculties, but to torture and kill. Schoolyard bullies all grown up, I guess. Worse, of course.

I wrote something on capital punishment in dealing with that crazy professor that shot three people. I believe inquisition style torture followed by a slow death is fitting in that case and in the case of these six. Let them know the horrors their victims felt and remind them to give them the horror and knowledge of their impending death.

When these subhumans commit these atrocities and prey on the innocent, following a guilty verdict, they should have no constitutional rights.

blackandgoldfan said...

Agreed, blue. While I like your idea of a medieval-style execution, it's still too good for the monsters society has churned out.

You have no idea how badly I'd love to push the plunger on these six.

Fredd said...

Like the beating that took place in front of those security guards in Seattle, disgusting.

Monsters, monsters everywhere you look.

blackandgoldfan said...

Sad statement to be able to make, Fredd. That girl in Seattle needed to exercise her rights under the Second Amendment during that mess.

Bungalow Bill said...

What is wrong with people? How could that be thrilling for anyone. It's just sick!

blackandgoldfan said...

Your guess is probably better than mine, BB. These six are taking up air that someone worthy could be using.

Linda said...

This is such a sad story. I have a SIL that is not a high functioning handicapped adult. At least she is in a home that has a good ratio for workers to clients.

These 6 people need to be executed, and not given appeal after appeal.

I agree with you about the one woman who's mom wanted to sell her. Maybe if she had, the woman would have been raised to be a decent human being.

blackandgoldfan said...

Linda: I'm so glad you found a wonderful place for your SIL. People with challenges know how to love unconditionally, don't they? Such gentle, innocent souls.

Had I known that this was the path that Amber was going to take in life, I would've bought her.

j summ said...

i say let the punishment fit the crime. but do it it public, so that anyone else entertaining these awful ideas, can see what their fate will be if they act on their thoughts and get caught.

blackandgoldfan said...

jsumm: I've always liked the idea of public executions just for the reasons you stated. The left says that the death penalty doesn't deter crime. Well if we used it more often it would!