Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sharia Law: License to Abuse

WARNING: The video in this post has very graphic images. Please DO NOT watch it with children around. Thank You.

Since a cloudless, sunny day in September of 2001, Americans have been told not to stereotype or "profile" muslims because of the acts committed by 19 jihadis on that day. We have also been told that there is nothing to fear. Really?

Let me say that I am a SURVIVOR of domestic abuse (I refuse to be a "victim"). My now ex-husband of 16 years destroyed every bit of psyche and self-esteem without raising a finger. Phrases like "You're ugly.", "You're stupid.", and "If you loved me you would ___________ ." (fill the blank in with anything) left me with no choice but to get out before I put a bullet in my head.

 Even after the divorce, I was raped by him through the court system and lost primary physical custody of my daughter. I don't drink or do drugs, but his need for control became evident when I decided to move to the next county. Not the next state or halfway across the country, but the NEXT COUNTY. He and his family hired a very expensive attorney while I was pro se. Needless to say, things have never been the same, and my heart breaks every time I have to return her to that monster.

My experiences with this man are miniscule in scale when compared to what many women in today's world face. I didn't have to live in fear of being dragged from my house and stoned or beaten to death because someone thought I wasn't being obedient, but many women in muslim countries do. They are prisoners within their society. Who speaks for them? I haven't heard much from Amnesty International or the UN. Pamela Geller is the one person I know of who is rabid about speaking out on behalf of these women. While I'm no Pamela Geller, I hope to give some voice to these innocents.

Sharia law in America is something that has been considered as a part of the multicultural melting pot that is this great land. Do we really want court rulings based on the thinking of a bunch of troglodytes? It, in effect, would negate any Constitutional rights of women and give men license to abuse. Is that what our politcally-correct society has come to? Are we going to stand by and allow women to be killed in the name of tolerance for other religions? I, for one, will not submit.

For those who think that this doesn't happen or only happens on a small scale, please watch the following video and ask yourselves "Would I tolerate my mother being treated this way?"


jay son said...

an important set of facts, about the religion of pieces, which will be overlooked by the left.

nice to see you back posting.

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks, jay. Feels good to be back.

I did this because I''ve been thinking about a comment left on a post I did in April of the2010 on muslim women having their hymen restored out of fear. The comment tone just worried me.

I felt the need to speak up.