Saturday, June 20, 2009

Healthcare Legislation May Be On Life Support...Someone Pull the Plug, Already!!

Obama's been pushing harder than a woman in labor to get his healthcare plan through. Why? Because he knows it's in biiiiig trouble. The more the American people find out about this gross abuse of power, the more they've been pressuring their legislators to vote it down.

Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei of Politico report:

Top White House advisers, especially Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, are still privately predicting massive changes to the health care system in 2009. But for the first time, Democrats on Capitol Hill and in the administration are expressing frank worries about stronger-than-expected opposition from moderate Democrats and worse-than-expected estimates for how much the plan could cost.

Business groups, which had embraced the idea of reform and have been meeting quietly with Democrats for months in an effort to shape the legislation, now talk of spending millions of dollars to oppose the latest proposals out of Capitol Hill. And Democrats themselves are not united, with leading party figures making contradictory declarations about how far they should go to overhaul the system when deficits are soaring and prospects for an economic recovery remain cloudy.

And top Democratic officials tell POLITICO they are increasingly pessimistic about getting any more Republican votes than they did on the stimulus package, with some aides referring to the idea of a bipartisan bill as "fools' gold" - an unattainable waste of time.

"This was always going to be messy," said a senior administration strategist. "It got messy faster and earlier than people thought. But none of it is anything that's going to stop it."

Blue Dog and centrist Democrats from the midwest and mountain west are listening to the voters and are balking at the price tag as well as government interference in the insurance industry. This could turn out to be the biggest debacle since, well, since Bill Clinton tried national health care 15 years ago.

We need to flood Washington with phone calls and emails to get this legislation killed. If it passes, the Canadians won't have anywhere to go for good healthcare, and we will be one step further to attaining what France is leaving behind: socialism.
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