Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obamacare Part of Reparations for Slavery?

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), in an interview with Chris "I'd love to be Obama's cell mate" Matthews, basically laid out an agenda to get Obamacare passed as part of reparations for crimes that none of us are guilty of.

"Well, I think that Congressman Cohen's (D-TN) resolution that was unanimously passed by the House offered an apology [for slavery], but it went into talking about how we ought to go about rectifying some of the current effects of that past discrimination. And that's what we're doing today as we roll out this working draft of our health care bill."

First of all, the healthcare issue is not about anything but power and control. Pure and simple.

Second, when will the reparations argument be over??? None of us have owned slaves, and I have never seen anyone in my lifetime picking cotton. This is just more rhetoric coming from the crowd that hopes racism never ends.

While every great nation has its dark history, as we do, only the truly great ones rise above it as we have done. Slavery was wrong; no question about it. Why don't we hear anything about the tribal leaders in Africa selling their own people to the Europeans? Aren't they just as culpable?

It makes me want to puke to hear that we need reparations for the sins of our forefathers. What about reparations to all those people who have been passed over for promotions because a less-qualified black person was needed for a quota? Or Reginald Denny, the white trucker savagely beaten during the South Central riots after the white officers in the Rodney King beating were acquitted? The man took a more savage beating than most slaves probably endured. Where is his justice?

The race-baiting poverty pimps want reparations levied only against whites. You want equality? Levy reparations against the black community for crimes against whites. But, Mr. Clyburn, you won't. You don't want what the rest of us practice: racial harmony.
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