Thursday, June 11, 2009

Israel to Illegal Arabs: Hit the Road, Jack!

World Net Daily is reporting that Arabs who illegally built homes on Jewish land in key parts of Jerusalem have been handed eviction notices.

One particular neighborhood, Kfar Akeb, is largely Jewish-owned. Over the years, Arabs have illegally built housing developments there and now have a majority of the residents. If this doesn't change, the neighborhood could very well become the beginning of a Palestinian state. Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert has cited the Arab majority as a reason to give up the land. Yeah, right. Does he think giving up this land will appease the Arab community? It'll only give them a new incentive to continue persecuting the Israeli nation.

The illegal Arab families were given seven days to vacate. Since that deadline has passed, Jerusalem activist Aryeh King is planning to bring in a private security team to physically remove the squatters within the next 23 days.

Is there some way we could do this since no one seems interested in putting up the fence? I wish there was.

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