Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Letter to the Senate

Dear Sirs and Madams:

Last night, the House of Representatives passed what is commonly called "Cap and Trade" in what was a narrow vote. Unfortunately, they did not listen to what the people wanted. They instead voted for what their lobbyists and high-roller campaign donors wanted.

Consider this a notice to ALL of you. The citizens of this country are watching and paying attention to every move you make on this piece of legislation. And, right now, we are not happy.

The bill passed in the House of Representatives last night had a 300-page amendment put in and made public at approximately 3 a.m. Eastern Time. How many representatives do you truly believe were able to read the entire bill let alone that one amendment? We citizens are not stupid. We're learning very quickly all the petty tricks used to get something the American people don't want passed. And it makes us sick. My suggestion? Read and understand the bill before you vote on it.

We out here in America don't care what letter you put after your name. We are sick and tired of all the snarky little political games played at our expense. Just because your party may have the majority, you do NOT have the right to vote against the will of the people. Should you decide to do so, we will remember. None of you have a lifetime appointment to Congress, and many of us have already vowed to see that none of those who voted "yea" last night are re-elected.

Expect to get numerous phone calls and emails from the American people. We crashed the switchboard once, and we know we can do it again. This time, don't make the same mistake your colleagues in the House did. See that for what it is: The voice of the people. If you truly believe the promises you are forever making to the people about how much you care about us, listen.

From a personal perspective, this is for Mr. McConnell (R-KY), Senate Minority Leader:

A lot of conservatives are angry with what we are now calling the Republican 8, those among our party who voted "yea". Mr. McConnell, I beg you to show the base that the ideals of the Founding Fathers are not being lost to self-serving special interests. We believe in freedom, limited government, and capitalism. We come from all walks of life: housewives, factory workers, waitresses, mechanics, doctors, lawyers... Though we may not be able to contribute thousands of dollars to a campaign, does that make our voice less important? Please show us that our party still believes in what many of the Founding Fathers risked their lives to give people they knew they would never know.

I am going to leave all members of the Senate with a quote. Please think about it; the American people are watching.

I shall choose friends among men, but neither slaves nor masters. And I shall choose only such as please me, and them I shall love and respect, but neither command nor obey. And we shall join our hands when we wish, or walk alone when we so desire. -- Ayn Rand


Spinsterpov said...

Excellent letter! Do you mind if encourage people to steal it shamelessly, put in their Senators name and e-mail or fax it in?

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks spinster! I don't mind if people would like to use this on their blogs or to snail mail to the Senate. I only mentioned Mr. McConnell because he is the minority leader, not because he's one of my senators.