Monday, June 29, 2009

One Week? No Way!!!

According to, House Speaker Nancy "Pineapple Princess" Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry "Pinky" Reid (D-NV) will not give any of the American people one week to read any healthcare legislation up for a vote. Does this really surprise anyone?

“The issue of a public option is probably the most significant debate that we will have in the House on the legislation, as I see it now. But the bill will come forth under the regular order, and that's why the three chairmen put out the draft now,” she said. “They put out some principles earlier on. The President put out his principles. We had a month before the Memorial Day break for everyone to see what was happening there to take ideas from our members.

“So it was in the public domain, but not as a bill,” said Pelosi, continuing to respond to the question of whether she would give the public a week to review the final bill. “Now they have put out this draft which has been well received, and I'm very proud of the work. It's a well managed approach to how we go forward. And when we are ready with a draft then we will put that forth, but as I say, it will be under the regular order.”

Under regular order rules, the House can vote in three calendar days and the Senate within 48 hours after the drafts are posted out of committee. The three House committees working on the health-care plan have released what they call a “discussion draft” of the legislation. It is 850 pages long.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee has produced its own 615-page draft that is missing key sections, including the section that would explain the “public option”—or government-run health insurance organization.

A final compromise versions would most likely be over 1,000 pages long. Does anyone out there truly believe that the members of Congress would be able to read this let alone the American people? It would be like me trying to read "Atlas Shrugged" before taking a comprehensive test on it 48-72 hours later. To read and understand something that large in a short period of time is about as possible as Obama producing the long-form birth certificate.

The same tactic was used by the House of Representatives on the recently-passed Waxman-Markey "Cap and Trade" bill. An amendment was inserted into the bill and made public at approximately 3 a.m. Friday morning with the final vote coming 16 hours later. The vote was supposed to have been only a mere 9 hours later, but since the Bolshevik Bitch saw she didn't have the votes she pushed the final vote back to 7 p.m. Even with seven extra hours, lawmakers did not have adequate time to read the entire bill before voting on it.

The mindset of Congressional leadership seems to be "Trust Us." They think the American people are probably too stupid to understand what these hideous bills really say, so why waste a week giving them an opportunity to read something they won't understand?

I, for one, am appalled. We are NOT stupid. In fact, we're smart enough to know that what they are doing in Congress is nothing but unethical and outrageous. But they feel no shame because they consider themselves above the rest of the American people. We, as American citizens, have EVERY RIGHT to know EXACTLY what is going into any piece of legislation. The level of arrogance is sickening.

While Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the shysters on Capitol Hill keep playing their elitist games, the seeds of revolution continue to grow and flourish. One day, those seeds will come to complete fruition, and the American people will finally be heard.
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Spinsterpov said...

I think it goes beyond them thinking we're stupid. They know we won't like all the pork that's in it so they don't let us read it and object. Bald faced institution of legislation they know will be objectionable to the people.

Andrew33 said...

This is my comment on your excellent post from my blog:
How could we get to look at it for a week, when Boehner along with others raised the complaint that they did not even have the official copy of the bill on Pelosi's throne? Part of me hopes they continue to overreach so that the reaction against the communists in both parties is stronger than the voter fraud and gerrymandering they will try to beat us with in the next election.

Sue said...

Glad I discovered your blog! I have Sue @ Politics and Religion to thank! I will spend some more time checking out your posts!!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Excellent post and so on the money! Like I posted today, this administration scares me. Bad.

The Obamacare is yet more government trying to micro-manage our lives. He makes me sick every time that little narcissisticc metrosexual is on TV.

God bless you and never give up the fight. :o)

Bungalow Bill said...

Don't you love how Obama isn't demanding the legislation be posted five days before he signs it like he promsied during the campaign. They don't want any of us know what they are doing to the country.

Bungalow Bill said...

Rush Limbaugh just announced Nancy Pelosi says no to the week review of healthcare legislation. Do you have your pitchfork ready to march on these jack asses?

blackandgoldfan said...

Spinster -- Maybe someone should tell them the only pork I like is a rack of bbq ribs! MMMMMM!!!

Joel -- I heard Rush make that point today. How I would LOVE to see this vote made null and void because protocol was violated!

Sue -- Thanks for stopping! Hope to see you back soon.

Sparky -- Thank you for the compliments. I, too, am really sick of seeing him and his butt-ugly wife being held up as royalty. :-P

Clay -- Pitchfork ready, and I'm locked and loaded!!! Think I'd have more fun with the pitchfork!!

Andrew33 said...

It is interesting how often I see comments made on our blogs, that are later, whether the same day or on the following days made by the talking heads. I am starting to think that it is possible they are watching and listening to us. Glen just made the comment on his T.V. show that there is a section of America that was asleep in years past, but now is awake and paying attention. Doesn't that sound alot like us?

Andrew33 said...

Oh...and by the way, read the post on KOOK's blog thanking everyone for giving us motivation and influence. You really do have an important influence on our blog and it is greatly appreciated as are your readers who come to our blog from here.

blackandgoldfan said...

You guys keep me sane, Joel. And I've often wondered myself about whether they (Beck, Rush, etc.) watch us. Seems kinda funny sometimes when we post and then that is their topic of discussion. I'm glad I have such great brothers and sisters-in-arms out here in the blogosphere. I'm truly blessed.

Andrew33 said...

B&G, while you are blessed, you also bless us. You are on our blog everyday. I find myself looking forward to your comments. It motivates me to give all of you the best material that I can. Thank you!!!! I really see you all as a growing family even though we have never met. Bloggers like you that are there everyday gives life a little extra spark when I am writing.

blackandgoldfan said...

Feel the love!!!! :-)