Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Tolerance from the "Religion of Peace"

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I gotta warn everyone that this post may have some graphic dialogue. It's not to offend anyone, but I feel that leaving certain details out would take away from the story.

According to, a young Pakistani Christian man was raped, tortured, and murdered for refusing to convert to Islam. Tariq "Litto" Mashi Ghauri, 28, was a university student in the city of Sargodha, Pakistan. His body was found lying in a canal. His family believes that the culprits were the brothers of his Muslim girlfriend who found the couple in a comprimising sexual position. His family also says that the police are doing nothing about it.

"They have sexually abuse him, torture him with a knife on his testicle and genitals," Ghauri's brother, 24-year-old Salman Nabil Ghauri, said. "They have tortured him very badly, and after that they have stabbed five times with a knife and killed him."

The Rev. Haroon Bhatti, a Christian clergyman in the village and a friend of the Ghauri family, said that on May 11, the brothers of Tariq's girlfriend came to Ghauri and offered an ultimatum: Marry their sister and convert to Islam. Pakistan's Muslim population is 97%, and the country still has blasphemy laws on the books that can carry the death penalty.

The Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C., questions the validity of the incident. One official said that "if an incident of that nature happened over there, there would have to be an investigation."

This is just one of many incidents we hear of where Christians have been persecuted by Muslims. One incident that I heard of that stays with me occurred in Sudan, where a group of Christians were locked in a church and the building set ablaze. So much for the "religion of peace". According to the Koran,
"Islam is the only religion acceptable to God." How very tolerant. Human rights groups say that these incidents are not uncommon in heavily Muslim countries and that Christians are looked upon as dregs of society.

This is a religion that preaches intolerance and hatred. Yet, Dear Leader is willing to bend over backwards to accommodate people who advocate it. Actions really DO speak louder than words.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

Oh my God, I'm going to call the Nanny State Police, that lady in your pic has a cigarette in hand! Say it isn't so....

j/k of course

Andrew33 said...

Muslims are tolerant. They tolerate "mercy killings," car bombs, marrying 8 year old girls, Killing jews. They even tolerated and went beyond tolerating to try to join HItler but Hitler didn't think them Aryan. Persia changed it's name to IRAN to sound Aryan, and the Baath party originated with a french educated muslim NAZI. Read your history about the Muslims and the connection to the Nazis and you will flip.

blackandgoldfan said...

LCR: That lady was Ayn Rand! The pic was from the post below! lol Maybe her and I are such visionaries because of tobacco. j/k

blackandgoldfan said...

I don't know if there's enough duct tape for me to read about some history, Andrew. Just typing that post made me sick. These people and their twisted beliefs have no business calling Christians "evil".

Andrew33 said...

All of you go read my latest post on kooks blog. It is a classic, and is actually the one where we met. I believe it is the most important thing aI ever wrote. I reposted it because I will be celebrating making it to 36 tonight and tomorrow and won't have much time to blog.

blackandgoldfan said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!! I'll be over to the site!

Andrew33 said...

Andrew is my middle name, 33 is the Year most think Christ died. I figured since KOOK used an alias, I would too. Joel is my first name