Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obamarx Names Hacker to the Department of Homeland Security's Advisory Council

In an effort to combat cyberattacks, Dear Leader has named Jeff Moss, known as "Dark Tangent", to a 16-person advisory committee for the HSAC, according to foxnews.com. Ain't that nice?

"I always figured that because of my associations in the past that I would be kind of out of the running for anything like this," Moss said to Wired News. What do past associations matter? Just ask Der Fuehrer or the MSM how much they matter.

Moss, 39, says he went legit years ago because he became disillusioned with the hacker underground. Before going legit (I'm skeptical of that), he founded
the DefCon and Black Hat hackers' conferences. And he's going to advise the government???

While my comp-sci major of a kid has told me that there is such a thing as ethical hacking, used by corporations to find and fix holes in their security, I have a real problem with a radical, illegal hacker advising the government on how to beef up security. Of course, this administration is just chock-full of radical, law-breaking people.

I feel like I've stepped through the Looking Glass.

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