Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There's Hope for Pennsylvania!!

Politico.com is reporting that Pennsylvania is joining the growing list of states whose Republican legislative members are introducing bills to exercise a state's rights under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. WOO HOO!!!!

State Representative Sam Rohrer (R) has led the way for Pennsylvania to assert itself in the dictation of its own affairs. The Tenth Amendment allows for states to invoke sovereignty over those matters not spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. While we would still have to deal with whatever Democrat or RINO occupies the Governor's office in Harrisburg (a true Republican would stand a snowball's chance at being elected governor), at least the federal government would be told to kiss off.

“This administration has the ability to stick it in the eye of the states and to really pointedly attempt to undo everything that’s been in place,” Rohrer said. “They want to throw Reaganomics out; they want to step in and tell companies what they can or can’t do.”


Left Coast Rebel said...

Pennsylvania has a lot of common-sense folks, especially away from Philly, a lot of midwestern values as you know. Thanks for the counter points against The Law over at my blog, you said it well......

blackandgoldfan said...

The state of Pennsylvania on the political map looks like a big red "T", LCR. Pittsburgh area is also heavily Democratic.

The counterpoints I made against The Law over at your site were words I felt you would've said. I was channeling you! lol