Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stanley Cup Series Tied 2-2

My boys did it again. In what was a fantastic game, the Pens outscored the Red Wings 4-2.

Evgeni Malkin drew first blood in the first period. Detroit shortly thereafter evened the score. End of period one.

Detroit was the first team to strike in period two. Things did not seem to bode well for da 'burgh boys. That is until Jordan Staal scored a short-handed goal on a Detroit power play to tie it up again. Less than five minutes later, Sid the Kid and Tyler Kennedy had both scored goals. Three goals in six minutes is not an easy thing to do. Especially against a team of Detroit's caliber.

The third period was just a formality. Detroit came close to scoring a few times, but the Pens used the last fifteen minutes of the game to play keep-away.

The series heads to the Joe on Saturday and then comes back to the Igloo on Tuesday. Should they need game seven, it will be in Detroit on Friday, June 12. The rest of the games will be carried on NBC.

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