Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Letter to the Left

Dear Lefties:

In recent days, there has been much said about those of us in America who disagree with you on Obamacare. While that is only one issue we disagree on, conservatives and libertarians are being painted as an unruly, out-of-control mob. Do you really know who we are?

We are supporters of the Constitution. We believe in free speech for all, including you. Respectful and intelligent debate is what matters to us. We may not agree with what you say, but we will defend with our dying breath your right to say it. Can you say the same thing?

We believe in and encourage religion. We do not believe in the establishment of a state religion, but we believe that our Founding Fathers based the principles of this nation in religion for a reason: To make the statement that our rights descend from God, not man. We don't care what religion you are, but we don't want you telling us that we can't espouse our faith whether it be in city hall or in the schools. That leads to the establishment of atheism as the state religion.

We believe in the sanctity of innocent life. I make the distinction because while supporting the rights of the unborn, I believe the dregs of society who commit unspeakable acts forfeit their rights. It's the basic biblical principle of "An eye for an eye..." Using the death penalty while opposing abortion puts a value on human life. Why does your side support abortion? Do you realize the cure for cancer or AIDS may have been aborted?

We believe the government should play an extremely limited role in our lives. The role of government is not to take care of us from cradle to grave; that is the role of free people. We do not believe the government should be stealing from Americans every pay to fund their programs that are stuffed full of corruption and abuse.

We believe that we should not be told what kind of car to drive or how much water our toilet should hold. The free market should determine that. While we do believe in being good stewards of the earth, we also believe that God gave us precious gifts for our use. To abuse those gifts or to place the earth above all else further decreases the value of human life.

We do not see skin color. Despite the picture that has been painted lately, we believe in equality among all races. We abhor supremacy and separatism; those ideas are counter to what the Founders intended. Why do you have a double standard on race? Average Americans protesting encroaching fascism are racist in your book, but Reverend Wright and the Black Panthers aren't? It makes no sense; wrong is colorblind.

We come from all walks of life. We are your neighbors, your doctors, your policemen, and a myriad of other people you encounter every day. We will gladly interact with you, but don't expect us to sit back quietly while the Constitution is trampled on.



Bungalow Bill said...

Do you really think they care about the Constitution. I have actually had liberals come to my blog and claim the Constitution is outdated. Outdated? What is outdated about free speech, a limited government, states rights, and other important rights it grants us and the limites it places on the federal government?

blackandgoldfan said...

Clay: There is nothing outdated about the Constitution. Just trying to spur a little food for thought instead of the mush they're fed. Liberalism should be in the medical diagnostic books as a disorder.