Saturday, August 8, 2009

National Guard: Internment Jobs Available

From comes even more telltale signs of what may soon be in this great country. I about crapped myself!! Thank Heaven for the Second Amendment. That may be our last line of defense against tyranny.

This is a long article, but very much a necessary read.

WND Exclusive
National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs
Campaign recruiting for workers at 'civilian resettlement facility'

Posted: August 07, 2009
11:45 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

An ad campaign featured on a U.S. Army website seeking those who would be interested in being an "Internment/Resettlement" specialist is raising alarms across the country, generating concerns that there is some truth in those theories about domestic detention camps, a roundup of dissidents and a crackdown on "threatening" conservatives.

The ads, at the website as well as others including, cite the need for:

"Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. I/R Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to U.S. military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; and coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.

The campaign follows by only weeks a report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warning about "right-wing extremists" who could pose a danger to the country – including those who support third-party political candidates, oppose abortion and would prefer to have the U.S. immigration laws already on the books enforced.

The "extremism" report coincided with a report out of California that the Department of Defense was describing protesters as "low-level terrorists."

The new ad says successful candidates will "provide external security to … detention/internment facilities" and "provide counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program."

Officials at the state and federal National Guard levels told WND they were unaware of the program, although one officer speculated it could be intended for soldiers trained in the U.S. and dispatched overseas to "detention facilities." From the national level, WND was told, officials were unaware of any such "internment facilities" at which there could be jobs to be available.

Army job ad for 'internment' specialist

At a website, a front page video describes the position thoroughly.

But one of the critics was a YouTube contributor who identifies himself as jafount and titled his video, "Want a job putting people into camps?"

Alarmed by the ads, he said it, the idea "just absolutely blew my mind."

Citing a promise that successful applicants would be trained in "search and restrain procedures," he said, "That's code for violating the 14th Amendment."

Likewise, he said, "use of firearms" is "code for depriving somebody of their life.'

"This is the real deal, I think," he said, citing, among others, the link.

"I saw something that didn't sit right with me. I posted it so other people can investigate," he said.

A commenter on the YouTube site pooh-poohed the whole suggestion.

"You have … put out a relatively benign fact, twisted it into something sinister, and then did a tinfoil-hat connection to give a false impression," the forum participant wrote.

The ads list as "advanced responsibilities" issues such as supervision and administration, responsibility for the "prisoner/internee" population, "custody/control for the operation of an Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp," and work on "custody/control for the operation of detention facility or the operation of a displaced civilian (CD) resettlement facility."

An editorial at raised some overall concerns:

Let's look at some of the evidence we have of the U.S. government's intentions to establish the infrastructure that could be used to house large numbers of political dissidents, so-called terrorists and other individuals the U.S. government wants locked up.

HR 645 the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act is a proposed bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would authorize FEMA to build no less than six National Emergency Centers throughout the U.S. on closed or open military facilities. These facilities are to be designed to house large numbers of people. Why would emergency centers need to be built on closed or open military facilities unless there was a need to keep people from coming in and out of them?

KBR was granted a government contract a few years ago to build facilities to house illegal immigrants. Now with illegal immigration becoming less of a problem with the U.S. economy in the toilet, these facilities can now be used for other purposes.

"This is just another step in the U.S. government's long term plan to build the infrastructure that could be used to contain wide spread popular revolt. Combine this with the swine flu fear mongering and the potential for a mass swine flu vaccination operation and it is easy to see what might happen. Refuse to take their poisonous vaccine and you might risk being locked up as being a hazard to public safety. With the economy in the toilet and more and more people not trusting either political party or the corporate media, the 'powers that be' realize that they need to continue building their martial law apparatus. These Army National Guard job listings are just another piece to that puzzle proving what we already know is being built," the editorial claimed.

At the Examiner, a commentator wrote, "Correctional/internment facilities? I have to admit that the U.S. government is good at one thing: creating fluffy names for evil acts. During WW2, of course, the U.S. didn't have concentration camps, we had 'relocation centers' for hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese citizens."

The jobs also were listed at, and

WND reported when the DoD eventually withdrew a training manual question that linked protesters across the United States to terrorism.

That followed by only weeks a Department of Homeland Security report that described as "right-wing extremists" those who oppose abortion and support secure national borders.

Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center, has told WND that as part of his organization's research for its lawsuit over the DHS "extremism" report, it has discovered additional information that it is withholding now but will include in a pending amended complaint.

Thompson said one of the things that sparked the organization's curiosity was a reference by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in the original report to not only government resources but also non-governmental resources.

Thompson said the information he has "creates even more concern that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is unconstitutionally targeting Americans merely because of their conservative beliefs."

The earlier DHS report was "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment." WND has posted the report online for readers to see.

The report linked returning veterans with the possibility of terrorism, and when it was released it created such a furor for Napolitano she has given several explanations for it, including that she would have reworded the report and that it was issued by a rogue employee.

She later apologized to veterans for having linked them to terror.

But Thompson noted that the report also targeted as "potential terrorists" Americans who:

  • Oppose abortion

  • Oppose same-sex marriage

  • Oppose restrictions on firearms

  • Oppose lax immigration laws

  • Oppose the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs

  • Oppose continuation of free trade agreements

  • Are suspect of foreign regimes

  • Fear Communist regimes

  • Oppose a "one world" government

  • Bemoan the decline of U.S. stature in the world

  • Are upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India, and more

Thompson told WND no apology has been offered to the members of any of those classes of citizens.

Thompson said the original "extremism" report was "the tip of the iceberg. … Conservative Americans should be very outraged."

The Thomas More Law Center filed its lawsuit against Napolitano and the DHS on behalf of nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, Gregg Cunningham of the pro-life organization Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Inc. and Iraqi War Marine veteran Kevin Murray.

It alleges the federal agency violated the First and Fifth Amendment constitutional rights of the three plaintiffs by targeting them for disfavored treatment and chilling their free speech, expressive association, and equal protection rights. The lawsuit further claims that DHS encouraged law enforcement officers throughout the nation to target and report citizens to federal officials as suspicious rightwing extremists and potential terrorists because of their political beliefs.


Andrew33 said...

I said this would happen, months ago. People thought I was joking. I can go dig up the old blog posts if you want, but it doesn't matter now. Do you think the "interludes I have recently had with the police were the end? I believe though that tis is what has to happen to get the fools on the fence to wake up and open their eyes. People need to see a real attempt of a Communist takeover of this country to realize that we are not a bunch of "astroturf" conspiracy theorists.

blackandgoldfan said...

Joel: With this crowd, I never doubted that this was a possibility. And we truly are "grassroot"! Nothing fake here! :-)

Amusing Bunni said...

Holy Crap! I hope we have adjoining Cells Black & Gold....seriously though, this is some MAJOR SH*T! Oh Dear, WTF is happening to our Beloved Country?? I'm quite distressed now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have copies of the Napolitano directive, the earlier one from Arkansas and piece-of-shit -impeached-judge Alcee Hastings' camp legislation.
These creatures are absolute scum. When they move, and they will move first,there will be commanders who will remember their oaths and refuse to conduct operations against us. It's still going to be a supreme mess.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Well... Ditto to what Andrew said. But I really think when/if it happens it will nto be national guardsmen or regular us army...I think it will be something else.

But reading the list, I am going check, check, check...yep they all apply to me.

blackandgoldfan said...

Bunni: Sorry to distress you, hun. Well...I didn't. Adjoining cells would be great. I want Hugh Jackman as my cellmate! :-D

cbullitt: I pray you're right. And I would fight side by side with those who refuse orders like that.

KOOK: Lol...I was also checking off the list. I'm officially a "low level terrorist"!!!

If not Army or NG, UN maybe?

Sue said...

I agree with won't be American policemen/soldiers who will "do the deed". How does the term "UN Peacekeeping Force" sound to ya now???

Read your Bible, folks!

blackandgoldfan said...

Sue: Thanks for reading! I think you see what a lot of us are seeing. And it's going to get A LOT worse before it's all over. Take care!

Bungalow Bill said...

You need to read HR645. I have posted it on my site. This is real. Glenn Beck has tied to overlook it, but it is a bill being debated in Congress. I have a link to HR645 on my page and I have blogged quite a few times about it.

blackandgoldfan said...

Will do. It is a sad day in our history when we have to think about this being implemented. The Founders are weeping.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I noticed that the MOS for this job is 31E. That's a Military Police specialty. I myself was an MP back in the day, when we were the 95-series and not the 31-series. I was a 95B (MP) with a secondary specialty of 95C (Corrections NCO). Those jobs are now 31B and 31C, respectively. This new "E" option is pretty new and was originally intended as a reserve specialty for working with refugees or folks resettling after natural disasters. It nauseates me to think that my fellow MP's would be reduced to concentration camp guards to keep us dissident bloggers at bay.

blackandgoldfan said...

Hey Steve!!

Thanks for the military insight. I'm glad you were able to pick up on that for us.

My hope is that there are enough brave soldiers to resist orders and do the right thing.

Thanks again for your service to our country!

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I did some more looking into turns out that in restructuring the Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) for the MP branch, we no longer have a 31C Correctional Specialist. This is now the purview of the 31E, and is mostly geared for what we called EPW/CI missions. An EPW is an Enemy Prisoner of War and a CI is a Civilian Internee. I had extensive training in EPW operations and we helped train guys in it during the buildup to the first Gulf War.

Believe me, unless something hideous has happened since I left the Army, I don't see many current MP's lining up for concentration camp duty here in the US of A. I truly, TRULY, hope that this new recruitment campaign is geared towards beefing up the number of troops we have available to guard the Gitmo Gang and other scumbags we pick up in The 'Stan.

I don't trust this current Gubmint worth a squirrel fart, but I do trust the military.

Obama's Arkansas Aushwitz camps will have to be staffed by union goons and not my MP's.

blackandgoldfan said...

Steve: Thank you so much for digging and putting my mind more at ease. I was really dreading the thought of our wonderful soldiers signing on to something this hideous. Unfortunately, the unions would LOVE to run something like this!