Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remember Where You Saw It First

Five days after my post tying Obama to the Nobel Committee and offering one possible explanation as to how he won the Peace Prize, I see this came up on American Thinker.

Welcome to the party, pal!!!


Amusing Bunni said...

Yup, we saw it here first! Those morons. Who would give that POS a prize in their right mind.
he should get a prize for being the biggest piece of shit on earth

blackandgoldfan said...

Hi sweets! The Nobel Committee isn't in their right mind. They're in their LEFT mind....very far left.

Hope things are going better for ya, hon!

The Conservative Lady said...

You were right on with your original post. Why else would they give Obama a Nobel Prize? They are cut from the same cloth.
Thanks for posting the article.

Soloman said...

Wow.. I don't know how I missed that post of yours, but my compliments... you did an excellent job of connecting the dots!

And of course we should all know that Obama's ultimate wish is to be Secretary-General of the UN, which in his mind is king of the world, and this plays right in to all of it.

Eric Dondero said...

Denise, this happens often on the Blogosphere. Jonah Goldberg at National Review just did a piece on the very same subject I did 3 weeks ago. It was almost verbatim.

But this is to be celebrated. Remember, as Bloggers, we're not in it for the glory, we're in it to counter the leftwing media, and to get the real story out.

So, if a bigger Blogger like Jonah, or NewsMax, picks up our story, even if they fail to credit us, it is to be celebrated.

BTW, there's one particular very large Right news site that makes a habit of doing this, to the point of annoyance. I'll let you know which one privately.

blackandgoldfan said...

TCL: It was actually fun to work on it. The more I dug, the more it made sense.

blackandgoldfan said...

Thanks, Soloman! And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if BHO were to resign the presidency if ever offered UN SecGen.

blackandgoldfan said...

Eric, mi corazon! Glad to see ya stop by!

I wasn't really upset about seeing this. I actually was a little proud of myself for being ahead of AT. :-)

And you're right..."Celebrate good times, come on!!"

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm proud of you, Denise, in case that didn't get conveyed in my first comment. And I've noticed it happens alot. Like Eric says... it's for the bigger glory of getting the TRUTH out there. Even if we don't get credit, if the story gets BIG READERSHIP! that is the important thing.
"And the scales shall be lifted from their eyes"
Can you smell what the bunni is cooking?
Write me, hon and try to connect the dots on my last emails & comments to you.

blackandgoldfan said...

Bunni: I did get the message on the first comment. It is for the better that the truth get out there. I was just kinda smug that I was ahead of AT on this. :-)