Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Catholic Church: Bought by Soros?

While trying to catch up on some blog reading and commenting this morning, I ran across a post over at teresamerica urging people to not donate to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) due to their willingness to donate to ACORN. I agree wholeheartedly.

Wanting a little more info, I came across an article written by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media. Donating to ACORN is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the article, George Soros, an avowed atheist, has been channeling money to certain Catholic groups via his Open Society Institute. The groups receiving funds from Soros have been groups of progressive Catholics who have been on the forefront in the Obamacare debate and the debate on amnesty for illegal aliens.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) has received at least $200,000 from the Open Society Institute. This group backs Pope Benedict XVI's mission of using religion to further a socialist agenda.

From their website comes this list of things that is in the latest encyclical by the Pope. Hold on to your lunch, folks.
  • “Another important consideration is the common good. To love someone is to desire that person's good and to take effective steps to secure it. Besides the good of the individual, there is a good that is linked to living in society: the common good.”
  • “If we love others with charity, then first of all we are just towards them. Not only is justice not extraneous to charity, not only is it not an alternative or parallel path to charity: justice is inseparable from charity, and intrinsic to it."
  • “The dignity of the individual and the demands of justice require, particularly today, that economic choices do not cause disparities in wealth to increase in an excessive and morally unacceptable manner, and that we continue to prioritize the goal of access to steady employment for everyone.”
  • "Economic activity cannot solve all social problems through the simple application of commercial logic. This needs to be directed towards the pursuit of the common good, for which the political community in particular must also take responsibility."
Now we have an insight into exactly what the Pope thinks of socialism. He's in favor of it. And since this group supports the mission of the Pope, George Soros and his Open Society Institute will continue to fund them. It's disgusting to see a religion sell out to anyone let alone liberals.

Also receiving money from OSI is the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), a group who has been on the front lines of having Obamacare cover illegal immigrants. The group was established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1988 and has received at least $530,000 from the Soros-backed OSI.

While celebrating the passage in the House of Pelosicare, CACG had this to say about the whole debacle.

“As Catholics, we applaud the efforts of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Bart Stupak, and others who helped extend current restrictions on federal funding of abortion to health plans participating in the public [health] exchanges.”

Not so fast, pal. Accordi
ng to Judie Brown of the American Life League, some of the provisions still in Pelosicare allow for federal funding of abortion and other life issues, something the Catholic Church is supposed to be dead-set against. Please read Mr. Kincaid's article to see for yourself.

The CACG advisory council reads like a who's who of leftist groups. Some of the groups that are represented on the advisory council: SEIU, AFL-CIO, Georgetown University, and Boston College. No wonder the Catholic Church has been throwing their support behind card check.

The SEIU representative on the advisory council of CACG is a man by the name of Tom Chabolla, assistant to SEIU president Andy Stern. Prior to this gig, Chabolla served as associate director of programs for CCHD, directing money to ACORN to the tune of $7.3 million over the past 10 years.

The Gamaliel Foundation, an interfaith group with a socialist agenda, still continues to receive money from CCHD. They've been pushing hard for continued financial support through CCHD and is citing that it is “under attack from those with a partisan agenda to de-fund groups committed to organizing for social justice.” It says: “Many Gamaliel Foundation affiliates rely on funding from CCHD to serve their communities.” Yeah. ACORN's done a great job of that, eh?

Gamaliel says on its website that “Barack H. Obama, former Gamaliel organizer, is the 44th president of the United States,” and that this makes the organizing community proud. It also has a story about Obama friend and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett speaking to a Gamaliel event in Washington, D.C. of 2,500 activists. Jarrett is the official who said that “we” had recruited communist Van Jones to the White House. Another speaker was Melody Barnes, Obama’s Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

Before coming to the White House, Barnes was the executive vice president for Policy at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP). Van Jones also worked at CAP before going to the White House. CAP CEO and President John Podesta, who served as President Clinton’s chief of staff, is a major “progressive Catholic” and member of the ACORN advisory council, and served as a professor at Georgetown University.

Interestingly, Tom Chabolla of the SEIU and formerly of the CCHD was on the dinner committee for the 33rd Annual Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award Dinner, which was held on May 7, 2009 in Washington, D.C. One of the winners was none other than Van Jones.

While appealing for more funds through CCHD, the Gamaliel Foundation received $300,000 from OSI in 2008.

Let them continue to go to Soros for their funding as they seem to be of like minds. They'll see not another dime from me.


Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, Didn't I tell you they were the dirtiest bunch of scumbags in the history of the Universe? From the top on down. Now you know I wasn't kidding. And, you know their tactics have been learned from soros, alinsky and SATAN himself! Crap, it's worse than even I thought! Thanks for posting this, BOF!

Teresa said...

Great job at looking further into this mess and digging this dirt up about the Catholic Church and its associations with the liberal establishment. This utterly make me sick. I feel like my religion is being hijacked. Thanks for the mention. I will link my article to yours as well.

Matt said...

I saw this at Western Front America. Great post! I see your comments at Snarky Basterd's place all the time, and cbullitt's as well, so I thought I'd stop by.

blackandgoldfan said...

You certainly did, BOF. I try to remember that there are some truly wonderful people within the parish, but the hierarchy is leaving something to be desired.

blackandgoldfan said...

Teresa: Thank YOU for the inspiration. It's sad to see our chosen faith going the way of the dinosaurs because the Church has decided to play footsies with the left instead of staying with their job of teaching the Gospel.

blackandgoldfan said...

Matt: Thanks for stopping by! Yinz come back now, hear? :-D

Snarky Basterd said...

I'd like to buy Soros ... early entrance to hell.

BTW, got you blogged up over at the new place. Thanks for your patience while I add everyone.

blackandgoldfan said...

Amen, Snarky! No thanks necessary. You were saving the best toward the end! :-)

conservative generation said...

no you can't get to heaven, if you don't do what daddy soros says...

wow, is there no rock these guys won't crawl under?

blackandgoldfan said...

C-Gen: Please don't make me call Soros "Daddy." That's just nasty!

I'll save that for Hugh Jackman! :-)

Brittanicus said...


The lobbyists for the open border, the church, business consortium's are deviously careful not to mention E-Verify, that discrepancies can be resolved at the Social Security agencies? Nor do they inform of the success rate of E-Verify, the fed immigration tool identifying illegal labor. These entities were nearly successful through the intervening Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), with support from majority speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to crush the computer verification program. Unfortunately, E-Verify may become obsolete if they pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, that will legitimize 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants? Plus it's being kept in the dark, that millions more will pour across our undermanned border, or from across the world, once they get the word that AMNESTY is about to commence?

We will be donating taxpayers dollars to support the poorest of families, with little or no education. Taxpayer will be paying for the old and sick person, mentally handicapped and those who need surgery who reaches American soil. It will be the--SAME-- nightmare as the1986 immigration bill (IRCA) all over again, when 3 million materialized into 5.3 million and those working in agriculture disappeared, to enter the mainstream of US working class. Unless we put a stop to another BLANKET AMNESTY now--the impoverished, the criminals will keep coming--forever. Grade your policy makers at NUMBERSUSA? Read about Capitol corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH, ALIPAC, CAPSWEB, AMERICAN PATROL & THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. What can you do for AMERICA?

Anonymous said...

The time I spent in RCIA was a waste. The reason I stopped going to mass is that my parish became too left-wing. I saw it coming years ago, but Soros funding of Catholic organizations, and now the Pope's words on the "common good, is proof of my suspicions held all along.

My affinity for Jeffersonian philosophy grows stronger everyday. Therefore I will continue on my path of deist beliefs. Organized religion, (Catholic Church, and protestant denominations) have become in too many cases, adherent to political ideology, from the left. On the other hand, the right has become glued to the hip of religion.

Our constitution gives us separation of church and state. Therefore I will stand by those words. As far as my spirituality goes, I will quote Tom Paine: "I believe in one god, and one god only."

blackandgoldfan said...

Brittanicus: IMO, the churches are being used as a pawn to get exactly what you've described, and it makes me both sad and angry. I say let individuals decide where to best put their money in the form of charitable donations.

I do keep an eye to Judicial Watch. It's one of my favorites. :-)

blackandgoldfan said...

Dear William: I also went through the RCIA. While I don't see it as a waste of time because I learned a lot about myself and my beliefs, I do agree with your assessment of what churches have become. It's very sad to see it going that way.

And, sweetie, there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution. The notion of separation lies in the interpretation of whether the circumstances violate the Establishment Clause.

Ya knows I love ya, but you're a bit off the mark on that point.

Teresa said...

Your right. The Constitution only states that the government won't adopt a particular religion and force it on the citizens.