Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ft. Hood Killer's Imam: 'Islam Not Responsible'

Still trying to wrap my brain around the senseless and cowardly act perpetuated on Thursday at Fort Hood, I decided to see what information I could find on Nidal Malik Hasan's spiritual leader, or imam, after he made the announcement on Friday during prayer that Islam bears no responsibility of the acts of Hasan.

"We offer our condolences and prayers to the families that have a person who died," said Imam Mohammed Abdullahi over loud-speakers that carried the weekly Muslim prayer to several hundred worshippers gathered at the mosque in Silver Spring, Maryland, where Hasan was a member.

"Islam is not responsible," he stressed.

Okay...while Islam itself may not be responsible (and those of you who know me know that I don't believe THAT), what about the interpretations of the Quran that these radicals teach in the mosques? Did I just call Abdullahi a "radical?" You bet your sweet ass I did. When you read about this scumbag, you may just agree.

According to the website of the Muslim Community Center (MCC) where Abdullahi is the imam, this teacher of the "religion of peace" holds a diploma in SHARIA from the National Somali University in Mogadishu. How much more radical can that be? The site also says that he provides guidance and support to the community in the matters of Sharia Law. In short, this guy believes women who are raped commit a crime and should be executed.

Abdullahi allegedly started his budding jihadist career at the tender age of 11 when he supposedly memorized the Quran. From there, he went on to study and gain full understanding of hadith (prophetic sayings) and fiqh (Islamic justice). When combined, hadith and fiqh provide the foundation for Sharia Law, according to

Since 1987, Abdullahi has taught at various mosques and madrasahs. That's right. Get them while they're young. But hey...this humanitarian also worked with inmates at the Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit (SMPRU) where he organized the Islamic Outreach Program. Prisons have become recruitment centers for radical Islam over the years, and it seems that everyone's favorite imam was there to help with the effort. Hell of a guy, eh?

Also in this dirtbag's illustrious career is his stint as director of Dar-ul-Nur, The Islamic Institution for Somali Muslim Community in Falls Church, Virginia. You see, Abdullahi is proficient in Arabic, Somali, Swahili, and English. While at the Somali school, he taught courses in beginner and advanced Arabic for adults and also gave weekly tafsirs (editorials) and lectures on fiqh. But this was just his way of reaching out to the community in the name of peace, right? We all know how peaceful Somalia is when they torture and kill Christians for not converting to Islam. Let's bring that "peace" here!!! Scumbag.

Some of Abdullahi's other pupils at the mosque offered their views on the Fort Hood massacre.

"It's very sad, a big tragedy for everybody," said another worshipper, Ibrahim Gayi.

"We pray for everybody, all Americans, not only Muslims," he said.

Gayi also added:

"It's got to be something mental," said Gayi.

"These guys who go and come back from war, they need help," he said.

Mr. Gayi....Hasan had spent his whole career at Walter Reed Hospital, so don't tell me he suffered from PTSD when he had never left the confines of this country. Granted, our brave soldiers who go and fight deserve every bit of help from us; Mr. Hasan does not. He gave up that privilege when he showed us what he truly believes.

And his beliefs were fostered in part by the teachings of his imam.


Bungalow Bill said...

Please ignore all the radical Islamic themes that foreshadowed the tragedy including the praise Allah chant seconds before gunshots began to spray across Fort Hood.

blackandgoldfan said...

That's what they want us to do, BB. But you know me....

Even the hubby will tell you that after almost 19 years together, there's no shutting me up. He's tried.

j summett said...

Maobama wants everyone not to jump to conclusions or reach any judgments until a full investigation has been conducted. My question is: Why did he not follow his own advice in regard to the Cambridge Police Department? Didn't he come out BEFORE a full investigation was conducted and say that the police department "acted stupidly"?

blackandgoldfan said...

He most certainly did, jsummett. But you have to remember that he's a liberal, so the rules don't apply.

Is it 2013 yet???

Dr. Dave said...'s contact PTSD, imam, you fargin' icehole.

The Right Guy said...

As I responded to you B&GF, there was an article int he NYT promoting the idea that it experiencing PTSD through other soldiers and the Army for not helping that are at fault. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Ultimately, Hasan is at fault directly, and Islam is the gasoline that fueled his fire. The guy is nuts, but them what christian religion promotes murder, moreover, did Jesus ever kill anyone? Mohammed was a murderer.

Islam is a contradiction in that while they say they must respect people of the "book", they have also kill many that did not want to convert, or pushed them into second class citizenship through Jizya, Pahlavi and Dhimmi. Judging by their actions in the middle east, we are dealing with people that are living in the 8th century, at time, and that context needs to be understood.

Lastly, what many people do not understand about sharia and talmudic law is that the rules for them apply only to them, in their eyes. So if they kill a non-believer or gentile, it doesn't count. If they lie to them, it doesn't count. If they steal from them, it doesn't count. What is different about the jewish tradition, is that it has evolved to where most don't believe that anymore, except for the hasidim and lubuvich type orthodox sects. With Christianity, we are all under the same law, and there are no exceptions.

j summ said...

i think the right guys analysis and what we all know, or suspect in our hearts, is true. outwardly they condemn hasan's actions, inside they are jumping for joy.

hockey hound said...

Yes, the Muslim world is jumping for joy. And Islam is responsible for this atrocity just as it's responsible for thousands upon thousands of other Islamic hate-driven atrocities.

blackandgoldfan said...

Amen, hockey!

hockey hound said...

"There is no locus of terrorism. The locus of terrorism is where ever the ideologies of terrorism penetrate, where ever they find supporters and sympathizers." --Ajai Sahn

blackandgoldfan said...

Great quote, hockey. So very true.

hockey hound said...

"The fact is that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history." -Paul E. Marek, Front Page Magazine

Equating Islamists or Islamic terrorists with Nazis and Nazism is an imperfect juxtaposition simply because "at this moment in history" the religious ideology goading the Islamist, namely Islam, to acts of terrorism is regarded and harboured by Western academia and media as sacrosanct whereas Nazism, which drives the Nazi toward precisely the same degree of Jew hatred and genocidal ends as does Islam the Islamist, is generally regarded by Western academia and media as absolute evil. To make such a comparison is to obfuscate the malefic reality pointed out by Wafa Sultan, which is that the religion of Islam created the terrorist and not the other way around.

To propagate the view that a sort of bromidic and innocuous Islam is being ruled by "fanatics" is to obfuscate the dangerous ubiquitousness of veridical Islam, the Islam that exists "at this moment in history;" the same Islam that incites its adherents, in many cases entire nations, to anti-Jewish hatred and exterminationist objectives, as is happening in Iran. Sam Harris writes, "To see that our problem is with Islam itself, and not merely with "terrorism," we need only ask ourselves why Muslim terrorists do what they do. Why would someone as conspicously devoid of personal grievances or psychological dysfunction as Osama bin Laden--who is neither poor, uneducated, delusional, nor prior victim of Western aggression--devote himself to cave-dwelling machinations with the intention of killing innumerable men, women, and children he has never met?"

Present taboos about Islam, if we choose to be constricted by them, will eventually prove to be flagrantly imprudent because of the danger the relgion of Islam poses not only to the Jewish people and Israel, but also to the rest of Western civilization. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen has written of pre-Nazi Germany: "To the large extent that the subject of the Jews was part of the public conversation of society, German writers and speakers discussed them overwhelmingly in a sinister, if not demonic, light, in the racist, dehumanizing idiom of the day." Without a doubt the same anti-Jewish hatred can be attributed "at this moment in history" to those Muslim "writers and speakers" of such countries and regions wherein Islam is the preponderant religion.

In his epilogue to 'Hitler's Willing Executioners,' Goldhagen concludes: "...the eliminationist antisemitic German political culture, the genesis of which must be and is explicable historically, was the prime mover of both the Nazi leadership and ordinary Germans in the persecution and extermination of the Jews, and therefoere was the Holocaust's principal cause, may at once be hard to believe for many and commonsensical to others. The evidence that so many ordinary people did maintain at the centre of their worldview palpably absurd beliefs about Jews like those that Hitler articulated in Mein Kampf is overwhelming. And the evidence has been available for years, indeed available to any observer in Germany during the 1930s. But because the beliefs have seemed to us to be so ridiculous, indeed worthy of the ravings of madmen, the truth that they were the common property of the German people has been and will likely continue to be hard to accept by many who are beholden to our common-sense view of the world, or who find the implications of this truth too disquieting."

"...try to answer the most urgent question, the question which torments all those who have happened to read our accounts: How much of the concentration camp world is dead and will not return, like slavery and the dueling code? How much is back or is coming back? What can each of us do so that in this world pregnant with threats at least this threat will be nullified?" wrote Primo Levi. In my view, Islam and the Muslim world view poses today the same threat as did Hitler's Nazis yesterday.

hockey hound said...

"...did Jesus ever kill anyone?"

Now there is a tall question!

"If all men are good, there can be no Auschwitz." -Bruno Bettleheim

hockey hound said...

Excuse me, Right Guy, but you should know that Halacha or Law does not "evolve" with what you describe as "Jewish tradition": such Talmudic laws (and the Talmudic objections posed against their touted verisimilitude) are preserved with obedient and noble intransigence; they are both impervious to and disjointed from even Jewish tradition. These laws are not so absconded from "mercy and truth" as you would have these readers believe. Personally, I am not an authority on the subject, but I am knowledgeable enough to know that your implications are misleading. And I am sorry to say that. No offence intended: we are fighting the same enemy, are we not?

The Right Guy said...

What evolves is people's adherence and interpretation. just as we don't have inquisitions anymore. Muslims haven't had that evolution.

The Right Guy said...

I will also add that while I am pro-israel, I have experienced what I have said from very orthodox jews...And I have been to seder with conservative jews too as I have grown up with a few. It depends on whom you are dealing with in terms of their background.

hockey hound said...

"...I am pro-israel..."

Good for you, Right Guy. Thankyou. And hang in there. We need to circle the wagons, as they say. We need to hate our enemy as they hate us. "Iron sharpens iron."