Thursday, November 5, 2009

Game On!!!

On Monday night, my beloved Steelers will be playing the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. I see relief from withdrawal in sight.

In the name of good fun, I've made a bet with Soloman since he is as passionate about the Broncos as I am the Steelers. The banter we've had back and forth lately has been a lot of fun.

Should the Broncs win on MNF, I've promised to display the Denver logo in my profile for the entire day on Tuesday. Should (make that WHEN) the Steelers win, he has most graciously agreed to put "Steelers Spank Broncos" in the header at his site for the day on Tuesday.

It's going to be a great game. Just remember to check out Soloman's site on Tuesday to find out what happened on Monday night.


Soloman said...

Hey... I just checked in before I leaving work and saw your post. (don't tell my boss!)

I countered with a post of my own, modeled after yours but with corrections of course!

Thought you might like to check it out, it'll be the newest post on my page for a couple of hours.

It's like the Super Bowl is coming up this week.. I love good friendly rivalries!!

blackandgoldfan said...

Secret is safe with me! Gee...what corrections could you make? lol

I'm getting hyped up. I watched Super Bowl XL against Seattle. Damn, that was great!

This rivalry is definitely friendly and all in fun. Hope you won't be too disappointed on Tuesday! ;-)

Soloman said...

Too disappointed? How could I possibly be disappointed seeing the Broncos appear in victory on your blog??

Seriously though.. just like any other reasonable sports fan, you learn to take the bad with the good.

I've seen my share of disappointing games- including some losses to your team, like the 2005 AFC championship game, during those very playoffs you mentioned.

Contrarily, I remember Denver beating Pittsburgh in the '97 AFC Championship game on the way to their first Super Bowl win over Green Bay.. what great games both of those were!

I know you guys have 6 Super Bowl wins... but did you know that John Elway played starting QB in more Super Bowls (5) than any other QB in history? And although we don't have quite the record of the Steelers, we've been there six times. Pretty cool...

Both teams with great pride, both on a roll this year... something's gotta give!

(Bet the home team, odds are in your

Sue said...

Read my post on Soloman's site...

The Right Guy said...

I know it's a non-sequitur, but the yankees won! As far as the Broncos go, they are from Colorado. Nuff said.

blackandgoldfan said...

RG: You mean Left Coast Central?

The Right Guy said...

Pretty much.

Soloman said...

I'm not sure what's so bad about Colorado. I lived there years ago... moved away in 1978 when I was 11 years old.

It has become a bit of a liberal bastion... at least a good part of the Denver / Boulder region and the ski resorts are. Colorado Springs has the Air Force Academy and is rather Conservative, Pueblo is too, and the plains area of the state is more right-leaning.

But regardless.. their football team ROCKS!!!

And the Damn Yankees, Right Guy? Ugh... the Indians fan in me will politely congratulate you and leave it at that, and being from Phoenix now (and at that time) I will just say remember 2001!!

The Right Guy said...

Colorado has become very liberal since you left. As far as the Yankees go, I am from Long Island, so I am a Yankees fan. The Mets suck. As far as 2001, just remember 27.

blackandgoldfan said...

Soloman: I will be the first to admit that all I know of Colorado is that it's become known for producing Ward Churchill. Never been there, and I'm not passing judgment.

You're right. Their football team rocks...on the midget football level.
Waiting for your sharp wit!

Soloman said...

Right Guy.. I believe it about Colorado, but I'm in with the Broncos on a grandfather clause.

And regarding your 27 - I get that totally. The Yankees represent the best of Capitalism in America - success breeds success, risk may bring reward, and he with the most money can buy the best. Hard to argue with.

It's just tough to put up with year after year (not being a Yankees fan) knowing it's going to be one of 3-5 teams, and the Yankees are always one of those teams.

And regardless of the winner, 2001 was a great series, you have to admit. The drama of the Yankees coming home and taking 3 after being (seemingly) dominated in the first 2 in AZ... and there is nothing better than a last at-bat game 7 win, especially in front of a home crowd, but really no matter who wins it...

Soloman said...

Midget football level?

Wow... I guess when you are stooping to a level that low you really don't have much confidence in your team.


j summett said...

All I know of Colorado is the Avs (super yuck). Sorry, that is just the Red Wings fan in me coming out.

I don't know if you can call me a "reasonable" fan, because I root for the Lions, but I have learned to take a lot of bad, and not very much good.

Oh, well. Go Lions!!