Friday, November 6, 2009

Tragedy at Fort Hood: Obama's Excuse?

Yesterday, Major Nadal Malik Hasan opened fire on troops stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, killing 12 and wounding 31. A psychiatrist, Hasan allegedly opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wanted out before being deployed to Iraq. He remains in stable condition as of this writing.

While the media will be analyzing this tragedy and trying to make sense out of a senseless act, I can't help but think that this unfortunate event could be used by BHO to further his radical Communist agenda.

Being an arrogant egomaniac, Dear Leader lives by the advice given to him by Rahm-boy Emmanuel to never "let a good crisis go to waste." Trust me. Obamarx will find a way to use this shooting as a means to further his agenda. Many opportunities have opened up thanks to a Muslim nut with a gun.

First, we need to wonder whether this will be Obama's reason to not commit more troops to Afghanistan and pull out completely from Iraq. General Stanley McChrystal, who is the go-to guy in Afghanistan and knows more than anyone the situation there, asked for more troops almost two months ago, yet BHO continues to delay a decision on troop commitment. Could Obama use the Fort Hood tragedy to justify a denial of more troops because, in some twisted way, this nut represents what Americans think of the wars? It would surprise me not.

Second, we can most likely anticipate an increase in the gun control rhetoric. As usually happens after a tragedy of this nature, the gun grabbers start screaming, "See? This is what guns do!" BHO has been very quiet on this issue, and it's very possible he could use this incident to open up another front on the war against liberty. Let's not forget that gun control was imposed upon the German citizenry in the name of safety in the years leading up to the reign of the Third Reich. Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. And we all know the "history" the public school system has taught over the years.

Third, I look for the shooting to possibly be used to further an even more apologetic stance towards the Muslim community due to the fact that the nutjob who killed 12 troops in one fell swoop was an adherent to the "religion of peace." I can hear the leftist media spinning it now. "He didn't want to kill Muslims in an unjust war." "If we would only understand them, Muslims wouldn't do things like this." "This is retaliation for the murder of innocent Muslims by American imperialists." I haven't heard anything of this sort yet, but I'm sure it's been floated by some liberal in cyberspace.

While all of this is pure speculation on my part, experience has shown us that nothing can be put past a liberal with an agenda and an ax to grind. And let's be honest. That's exactly what we have residing in the White House.


bluepitbull said...

My wife works at Fort Hood and one of my best friends is the III Corps CSM. I think I lost another year off of my life worried about them. Let's hope that Hassan meets true justice.

blackandgoldfan said...

Thank Heaven they're safe, blue. I would've stroked out.

True justice would be turning him over to the families of the victims.

Bungalow Bill said...

Before I read your post, I began to think about the timing of this. Once again the focus is removed from the debate in the house and the vote tomorrow. These things always occur at the strangest times.

blackandgoldfan said...

Co-inky-dink, BB??? HELL NO!!!

I'm with ya. When it looks like BHO's policies might be in trouble, we have some incident arise. It's just sad that so many people were killed or injured.

j summ said...

religion of piece(s) strikes again. guy could got out anytime he wanted, he was an officer all he had to do was resign his commission.

blackandgoldfan said...

I've heard that, jsumm. Evidently he had an agenda. Like friggin' jihad crap.

Bungalow Bill said...

Let's not forget Obama's Islamic past with mixes with his present and future.