Wednesday, December 2, 2009

His & Hers Duran Duran

One of my favorite bands EVER to come out of the 80's, I still think there's something about Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, and Andy Taylor. Yes, even after all these years, they still get my heart racing. Maybe it's just memories of years past, but to see John and Nick (my personal favorites)....let's just say it brings a smile to my face.

I was going to post a little eye candy for the ladies, but not wanting to appear sexist, I decided to give the men a little Duran Duran eye candy. Hope it goes over well while I'm at work tonight! Enjoy folks!


Duran Duran - New Music - More Music Videos
Trouble viewing the video? Click here.



Soloman said...

Electric Barbarella is cool.. and even hot.. I've honestly never heard the song, 'cause I lost touch with them sometime after their Arcadia days.

But.. it'll never live up to the hotness of this to a teenage boy (even though the song was sooo overplayed)... or the coolness of this will always be because of the visual effects for 1981.

And we guitarists like the ugly one... Andy. Just saying... lol!!

Great videos, both - hope you're doing better!!

blackandgoldfan said...

Soloman: I have the 2-disc DVD of their videos up to the release of Astronaut, so I have all of the good ones. I considered putting the unedited version of "Girls on Film" up for the guys, but I like the fact that "Electric Barbarella" has cute little Nicky Rhodes with that devilish grin.

Something about keyboardists and bass players that 'intrigues' me. lol

I was doing better until I had to come home from work. Feeling a bit better since everyone went to bed. :-)

Soloman said...

Funny - I was going to link to you the unedited 'Girls' video, but I thought it inappropriate to send nude female bodies on video to a lady blogger...

I was also going to comment that in 'Barbarella' they have that girl bending over in every direction but the one that needs to be (toward the camera) but that's a given... :^ )~

And I''' give John Taylor the fact that all the girls swooning, and he did play decent bass, especially for a 'new wave' band where keyboards and looks are what matters.

I love that arm-swingin' 80's dance style Simon had.. I was very good at that dance style when that dance style was cool...

Ran said...

Totally off topic...

Hey Denise, how do I transmit RSS or Atom feeds from my blog?

Stuff such as this drives me nuts... "Want more traffic? An easy way to distribute your news? Then you need an RSS news feed. To start all you need is content you want broadcast, and one RSS text file."


"Once you've created and validated your RSS text file, register it at the various aggregators, and watch the hits roll in."

Uh-huh. Create a text file, how? Validated, where?


Ran said...

Er, Denise...

... I went through a standard scripted menu thingy via the dashboard. Supposedly we have "feedburner" burned-in.

Now what? Sacrifice a dove during full-moon?


Left Coast Rebel said...

I friggin' love Duran Duran....oh the memories!

blackandgoldfan said...

Ran: Sorry, hon. I'm clueless. :-(

blackandgoldfan said...

LCR: Indeed, my friend!