Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities 2009

I originally wrote this piece in July, but decided to run it one more time to send out what has been a very interesting year, to say the least.

To everyone out there, may you have a most blessed 2010. Thanks for being my brothers and sisters in arms in the fight for liberty. -- blackandgoldfan

A Tale of Two Cities 2009

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. For there were but two cities people could hold as examples.

The first city sat perched upon a hilltop, emitting a beacon for all to see. The city was guarded by she who proclaimed: "Give me your huddled masses..." Her torch beckoned to all around the world to come and see the wondrous beauty of that city. She stood as an example of the possibility of one's dreams. Fair Lady inspired those who came to live their lives in freedom and goodwill to one another. And so they came.

The lady's lamp inspired a simple man to the call of his country. "Here I am. I will spread your message, Fair Lady." And so he did, and life was good.

The man's enemies labeled him as an ally to the "evil rich" whose taxes were cut by the Simple Man. Despite the eight years of success the Simple Man endured, he was often the subject of belittlement and derision from his enemies. Still, he continued delivering the lady's message: "Give me your huddled masses..." Her torch burned strong.

Peace seemed to follow the Simple Man. He was a gentle soul but never showed weakness to those around the world whose mission was to destroy the message of his Fair Lady. With one sentence, the Simple Man brought true change to a country with a history of mistrust of his beloved homeland and Fair Lady: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall." And so was the end of the oppression of many people.

The Simple Man fell victim to a horrible disease. Those who mocked him in success continued to degrade him in illness. He succumbed to Death, but he left a legacy that will never die. To this day, he is loved, revered, and remembered. The day will come when we can thank him in the mansion of Our Father.

Out of the second city came a young idealist. Not born of this land, he aspired to claim the same leadership position held by the Simple Man. His arrogance overrode his respect for the law. And so he dreamed of preaching "The Audacity of Hope".

The Idealist became world-wise early in life. Being moved to Indonesia at a young age, he became schooled in different cultures; cultures that sought to destroy the Simple Man's dream and the message of his Fair Lady. She trembled.

He studied the paragons of his ideals: Alinsky, Davis, Ayres. The Idealist draped their message of power and destruction around him akin to the robe of the Simple Man's Fair Lady. He studied how to obliterate political opponents who may speak the message "Give me your huddled masses...". The Fair Lady wept.

Power became the religion of the Idealist; political submission his eucharist. The Idealist used the power of the same office held by the Simple Man to pillage and plunder the huddled masses. His message of "hope and change" deceived the people into blind obedience. The Fair Lady's torch flickered.

Those who sought to bring down the city on the hilltop were placated by the Idealist. "We apologize" became his greeting to foreigners. And the huddled masses became angry.

We, the huddled masses who still believe in the Simple Man's message, have now become the angry huddled masses. Fair Lady's message will never die with us. We pass it from generation to generation; we educate, not indoctrinate. Let us do right by the Simple Man and his Fair Lady.


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