Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Hootenanny: Styx

Despite the fact that they played the White House and fawned all over BHO, I still enjoy the music of Styx. Always have, always will.

This song was on the Paradise Theater album (which I still have on vinyl). It's an appropriate song for life in my corner of the world today.

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The Right Guy said...

In the 70's. I took up the drums and I liked styx a lot, but after Grad Illusion, it seemed like they went downhill. At the time, I was also into Journey and especially Boston, and by 1979, I found out about Rush... It's funny about Styx though, as my brother and I were the backbone of a few bands too. It must be an Italian thing. :) I have been thinking about taking up the sticks again, but unfortunately, my brother and I live 1200 miles apart.