Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lakers Fans: Take a Lesson From Da 'burgh!

Demonstrations and riots, Paris, France (place...

Last night on Fox, I watched as they showed footage of the "celebratory" riots that occurred after the L.A. Lakers won yet another championship. This makes NO SENSE whatsoever!

My beloved Penguins have just won a championship. Yes, people poured onto the street to celebrate, but there were no riots. People weren't looting stores and burning cars the way they did in L.A. How is that celebrating? I personally think it's an excuse for the dregs of society to take what they want at an opportune moment.

Is this how a civilized society acts? I guess when you're a creation of the left's social policies (L.A.), you act the way government has dictated.

Do we really want the United States of Los Angeles?
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Clay said...

Hockey fans check their class in at the gate and they get it back when the game is over. Basketball is the game of the hood. Call it what it is. There is no sugarcoating the truth.

blackandgoldfan said...

Nicely put, Clay! I was just trying to keep from tap dancing on a land mine. Take care, pal!