Saturday, September 5, 2009

China's Flag to Fly at White House

From comes the news that the Communist Chinese flag will fly over the south lawn of the White House on September 20 during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the formation of the People's Republic. The original story comes from the Global Times English-edition.

"The ceremony has gotten official approval," Xiao Shuigen, secretary of the Union of Chinese American Professional Organizations, told the Times.

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It's bad enough that we've had Dear Leader embracing those in the Islamic world who want us dead. Now, he's revealing another facet of his Communist upbringing in allowing this to happen. Imagine how empowered the Communist Chinese will feel when they can announce that they've succeeded in getting their flag to fly at the White House. A shameful disgrace is exactly what this is.

Van Jones is probably giddy with laughter over all of this. An avowed Communist, Jones has recently come under serious scrutiny for his Marxist and often anti-American views. Hell, he's probably having multiple orgasms over the prospect of his fellow comrades coming to the White House. How much more un-American can this administration get?

Let's think about this. We had the Clinton administration kowtowing to the Chinese in return for campaign contributions. John Huang was a campaign fundraiser for the DNC while working in the Commerce Department and was the target of an investigation into violation of campaign finance laws. He pleaded guilty in 1999 to violation of such laws. Did I mention he was a Communist Chinese? Just a little FYI.

Now, fast-forward to present day. We have BHO embracing those around the world who have no respect for our Constitution and what it stands for. In fact, I offer that those same people would be rejoicing and may be helping this administration totally dismantle the one thing that separates this great country from all others. Many of those who have or continue to work for BHO have also expressed an affinity for Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. For this to be allowed on taxpayer soil is a blatant slap in the face of every person who loves this country.

Our sovereignty is slowly being handed over to those who have advocated for total government control over the masses. Allowing China to drill off our shores for oil, praising Castro as the brightest leader alive, and flat-out announcing the love of Communism speaks volumes.

What can one do? I urge EVERY ONE OF YOU to call or email the White House, all members of Congress, and anyone willing to listen and tell them that this is NOT acceptable on any level.

Our time to make a stand is fast approaching.


Amusing Bunni said...

This is so TOTALLY unacceptable. It makes my blood I not keep saying Worse. Every. Day!

When I lst read this on the news, B & G, I almost spit out my coffee. What more does it take for the Military, who has sworn an OATH to defend the Constitution, against ALL enemies, both foreign and WITHIN, to stop this commie shill! Are they gonna wait until it's another hiroshima?

This is a SUPER post, and Perhaps you'd like be to guest post it. Just when I thought I had calmed down from his Hamas Dinner Party, now this! Well, since China owns us already, it's only fitting ;-(

blackandgoldfan said...

Guest post away, sweetie! I know BBCW has also picked this up. I'm angry to the point of nausea between all this school speech shit and other events of late.

Tell ya what...I'll get the Mustang convertible, drive to Chitown, pick you up, and we'll do a trip a la Thelma and Louise (without driving off a cliff). Hell, we'll even go get Brad Pitt!!!

Amusing Bunni said...

Ohhhhh, sounds like a Plan!

I'll guest post it later, since so many others are no doubt doing it right now. This is some SERIOUSLY AWFUL stuff!

You can drive, we won't go off the cliff! PS: luv ur favs on the tube, I commented.

blackandgoldfan said...

I saw that. A little bit of everything on there.

Are you SURE you want me to drive??? lol

Bungalow Bill said...

Something tells me the process to get this approved was coffee and donuts. Our own flag will slowly loose its white and blue in the coming years.

blackandgoldfan said...

No matter how it was done, BB, it's a travesty. It makes all the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for this country seem in vain.

The Conservative Lady said...

Terrific post B&G. It is a disgrace and another nail banged into the lid of our coffin. God Help Us.

The Shack said...

You people are funny, and terrifying. Fox News reported this story as wrong. They also reported the last time the Chinese flag flew over the White House was under George Bush.

blackandgoldfan said...

The Shack: I did read the Fox News story on this. And, yes, I did see where the Chinese flag flew at 1600 under Bush. It makes me just as angry to know that.

Here's my take. The flag of a Communist country has NO BUSINESS being flown on taxpayer land in this country. I don't care what party is holding office. It's a disgrace and an insult to every American who loves this country and all the principles it was founded on.

Sorry, but we conservatives/libertarians find no humor in such a blatant display of support for a Communist nation. We kinda dig that freedom thingy.

What's so terrifying about people being passionate about the protection of our Constitutional rights? The gradual erosion of rights and increasing governmental control over the lives of Americans are what terrifies us.

Dr. Dave said...

Hey's even more terrifying when you're on the ropes and losing the war of words, let alone the people of this country and the right to represent them.

Tell you what. I'm open for debate, on my front lawn, if you can get past the claymore mines. It's a sound you'll never forget, pal.

That should be a lot more terrifying than FoxNews....


Andrew33 said...

So just because Bush was an overspending liberal Republican in bed with the Mexicans, Saudis, and huge corproations, that makes it okay to be in bed with China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and every special interest group that hates America. What happened to change, eliminating debt, transparency, leaving bills passed by Congress posted online for 5 days, and saving jobs? All lies. That name you use "shack" is appropriate for the 1.5 million people that have lost their jobs as that will be the house of tomorrow for many Americans since overprinting of money has cut our paychecks in half. Interestingly, that is one promise that obama kept. He stated "You making "$250,000 or less WILL NOT SEE YOUR TAXES GO UP". By printing a few trill, nobody will notice that their savings and property would be devalued, right?

Now Shack, a few questions for you. Name one good thing pResident Obama has done as president. Obama has pushed for the printing of over $100,000 per person. When will the AMERICAN PEOPLE see one dime of it? And finally when will you realize that the "Allinsky" tactic of keeping the blame on the opponents will not play here?

How many of our freedoms do we have to lose before you will be happy. If you want to live under a comunist despot, I live 100 miles from Cuba and will be happy to buy you a raft as long as (if you survive the storm prone shark infested waters and don't find a Hurricane or the Cuban coast guard who shoot on sight) you promise to give the raft to a freedom wanting Cuban to flee Castro. I live in a majority Cuban area and they know communism well and took the raft trip that takes a month or longer dodging the above mentioned dangers for an opportunity at life in America, so why do you think it is so bad?