Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hymenoplasty: Arab Women Restoring Virginity

We've heard the stories. Muslim women (usually of Middle Eastern descent) being killed for disgracing their family "honor". The reasons for these "honor killings" have ranged from befriending boys (the nerve!) to being too westernized, and the number of women around the globe falling victim to this neanderthal mentality continues to increase.

In order to avoid the possible death penalty for not remaining a virgin until marriage, the BBC is reporting that many women are keeping their sex lives a secret and opting for a procedure known as 'hymenoplasty', a procedure where the hymen is reconnected to restore virginity and ensure blood being spilled on the marital sheets. The cost of the procedure is approximately 2,000 Euros and is done by Dr. Marc Abecassis, an Arab doctor practicing in Paris.

Dr. Abecassis has performed the procedure in some cases because a woman needs a certificate of virginity to marry. His average patient for the procedure is approximately 25 years old and from any social background. He adds:

"She can be in danger because sometimes it's a matter of traditions and family," says Dr Abecassis. "I believe we as doctors have no right to decide for her or judge her."

Thank Heaven that there are Arab men out there who have recognized the rights of women in that culture to live their lives without judgment. He's most likely in the minority. Noor, a young professional from Damascus, has another opinion.

"I know girls who went through this restoration and they were caught out on their wedding night by their husbands," he says. "They realised they weren't virgins. Even if society accepts such a thing, I would still refuse to marry her."

Those women are better off because of your opinion, pal. You're doing them a favor by choosing not to marry them, you troglodyte.

What is it going to take for the world to acknowledge a whole underclass of women who live in fear of their lives because of a mentality that pre-dates the dinosaurs? How many more women have to attempt or commit suicide because they feel that it's their only way out of being tortured to death in the name of "honor"? And how many more women have to live with the fear that they may be found out?

Until the world starts to speak out for these women who defy custom and Sharia Law, look for the numbers to increase.

Please pray for these women.


Opus #6 said...

Prayers said. So sad and disturbing.

blackandgoldfan said...

It really is, Opus. I couldn't even imagine living like that. It's been tough enough living with the control issues here for almost 20 years, but the control faced by muslim women is something I can't wrap my brain around.

Andrew33 said...

This is freaking sick. There is nothing in Hebrew (Biblical) or to my knowledge Arab (Koran) scripture that says one must be a virgin to get married. While according to such scripture, premarital sex is sinful, there is nothing about permanent dishonor for those who have done so. The ironic thing about this is that young Muslim men are not dishonored for the same act...but Islam is a religion of peace. Such teachings have come from religious leaders who have gone above and beyond the original religion that they claim to follow.

smita sharma said...

Can some one provide information in regard to credibility on that procedure (hymen restoration ); if there is a good possibility of bleeding after the procedure when sex. She is actually tie; is there any type of recommendation to make bleeding possible, without the hymenoplasty procedure instead?

blackandgoldfan said...

Smita: Unfortunately, I don't know any more about the procedure other than what was provided by the BBC.

If you need more information, I would try to get in contact with Dr. Abecassis in Paris if he is still there.

I did a Google search for "hymenoplasty" and found a doctor in New York who may be able to provide information. Here's the link to the website:


If you are gathering information for you or someone close to you, please rest assured that I will pray for you that you find out what you need.

God bless!